Sunday, September 7, 2008


Well Thursday night ended up being a laid back night at home!! haha I came home from practice and didn't change from my outfit til about 9 pm that night! haha My dear mom was just home and Jim was out for the night so i told the girls i wasn't going to be going out with them! it was for the best! me and mom went and got noodles and company which was so yummy after a long practice that day and learning a whole closer on wednesday! i still was nervous about us pulling it off! Well Thursday night one mystery was solved for me! if your close to me you prob know what it is! ugh. so frustrating. oh well. then friday I had a early morning for school and practice then it was off to work! only worked til 6 though. but i must say I LOVE MY JOB! only cause of the people. i have the greatest boss ever! it helped to be at work. then i went to Kallee's house and just hung out for a bit! so fun to hang out with her. i forget how much fun we have. kallee lets do that more. so we stayed there for a bit. then it was off to Court's birthday dinner at leatherbees and that was fun! madi came as well and jessi. it was a nice little reunion! i miss them! then i went home and Arial came over! we rented Prom Night. but i needed treats for saturday so i made Arial get in the car and go to Target with me! it was like 12 by now but i felt destined for it to be open!! so we get there and who the crap closes at 10 pm on a friday! BAH so off to albertsons it was with my target gift cards. i was totally on one this night and don't know how i was really focused! haha but we go in and pass everything i want and have to back track a million times i am sure arial wanted to hit me haha! i enjoyed my self though! then we go up to the register (cause of course they were going to close so they rushed me) ugh. and I am thinking ya know why would you only be able to use a Target gift Card at Target. why not ALbertsons?? so i ask the worker if he'll accept my Target gift card! GUESS WHAT! he didn't. haha but man that put me and arial in the giggle mode! ha so entertaininig. then walking out i forget how to shut my mouth and realized i should probably work on that! haha we then drove home rocking out to Avril Lavigne I DONT LIKE YOUR GIRLFRIEND! totally what i needed! made my night! so we get to the house and keep in mind i am not looking my best to be honest! arial invites 2 boys over. so they ccome over and before they come in i tell them that they HAVE TO BE QUIeT! haha so arial fell by the way on the grass as they pull up. ha nice. but they come in and of course i am still the loudest after my lecture! oh and arial like SHOUTS to answer her phone haha kills me! then we get the movie started and i turn on the DVD player and OF COURSE its like BLASTED haha i freaked out started pressing buttons and running around man it was pure entertainment! i just laughed. so its like 230 when movie ends and i have to be up at like 630! bah not fun! so i finally get to bed and UP early the next morning and no big deal i have to RE PART MY HAIR! haha on the right side! so frustrating! don't laugh cause it sucks! well then mandy came over and we went to the Judges clinic. court came and bre. it was good to be back and get back into judging i am excited. this is my 3rd YEAR! aHHH but then we were WAY early leaving so we went to VIllage inn! so yummy! except some guy came in with a BYU hat on. ew. i almost threw up! haha we then headed up to the locker room! we got lucky and dropped everything off then went and parked then a guy in a golf cart working at the U drove us down! AH VIP! haha it was nice! then we went in and got costumes on and started our LONG DAY! ah it was so long! but so fun! we had practice and then got ready for Tailgating! which was BY FAR one of the best times I have ever had with tailgating! we then went on to have the game start and pre game was a joke! haha but it was fun! we'll do better next week! then we got to watch the game and then went and did halftime! it went great! it was such a good feeling to be back out there! i loved it! then we watched the Utes kill UNLV! so great! after the game CL got to go on the field and watch fireworks laying on the U. SO GREAT! one of the best moments in a long time! then me and jenni headed over to 5th quarter a party at the institute and hung out! it was alot of fun to see alot of people! then it was onto recovery on sunday! i went to the Morton's and sat by the pool and did ABSOLUTETLY nothing all day long! haha so nice! their whole family was there so it made it tons of fun! such a good weekend! now off to start a new week!
-eat before long days
-my good friend gets home in 30 days! yeah! 
-crimson line is hard and stressful i forgot!
-Miss Draper is totally on the back burner for now haha
-Life can be crazy! take it for what its worth!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Year, dance, work, Miss Draper

I still question every day what I got myself into this year! If I am not at school or at practice you can usually find me at work or going a ribbon cutting or a Miss Draper event. This year is already ridiculously crazy. My friend JAYME just got engaged and I had no idea she was even planning on it. We all went to dinner for my 20th birthday on Saturday. it was SO GOOD to see all my old CL girls. Those are the friends I KNOW I will have for life. Katie and Kel came and Kel Mac, and Jenni, Madi, Jeffers, Court, Sara, Sarah, Shelisa, and Ash (lil sis) stopped by as well! it was so good to have everyone there.
And Last Wednesday my best friends from high school, Lo, Ash, Tash, and Whitt all took me to CPK. It was so fun to go with ALL of us as well. they are the BEST! I really don't know what I'd do with all of them. It's sad though cause they all live in PROVO! eh. except me and Tash. by the way tash did my hair last night! I finally jumped on the band wagon with everyone! oh and ALLYSE IS ENGAGED! oh my heck! I am so excited for her. november 20 I think it is! YEAH! but Utah won the first football game against MICHIGAN! oh my go UTES! that was saturday then our first home game will be on Saturday. we just learned a whole new flag routine so lets hope crimson line is as good as we think and we can pull it off. I'll be honest part of me is nervous! haha but it'lll work out. other then that I had band camp so I took like 2 weeks off MISS D and did stuff for dance. BAnd camp SUCKED haha. it was really hard this year but it always is. I am SO GLAD I came back for a 3rd year though. its been an amazing experience. Lori Rupp our coach for now 20 years retired this year so our assistant coach Tasha Lowe took over. its been great to have Tash but Lori will forever be remembered and missed. she was SUCH A GREAT coach. she taught me so many things. but its for the best! :) Meliss is now 4 and 1/2 months along! so crazy. I can't wait til ANNIE ELIZABETH is born! I am so looking forward to being an aunt! :) but other then that. the dating life is gone right now. wish I had one but when I thought I did some stuff happened and so currently just focusing on dance and school to be honest. I have 2 miss Draper appearances next week. haven't done that in a while. ha its going to be weird playing so many roles in my little life. but I am enjoying it and thats all that matters! but I think that is it! I AM 20!! YEAH!
-keep smiling you never know who is watching
-I am so pleased with how my life is going lets hope 20 is a good year!
-my friends are the best.
-i'm off to school and dance and work then dancing tonight.