Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So we did, in fact, get a new puppy, Jack. We were thinking that people get dogs that fit them and this one definitely fits us - he's a bit of a spaz, but he doesn't bark at all and only whimpers in excitement for a minute when we come home from work (which is perfect for an apartment). He's such a little stud.

School is going great for both of us, we both graduate in May and it couldn't come sooner, Trent's suffering from a really bad case of Senioritis because his major is already done and he's just doing classes this semester for his Political Science minor.

We still have 13 days until we find out whether or not Trent is accepted into the Teach for America program, the wait is killing him. Our first choice is Memphis, Tennessee, so we might be heading to the "Rocky Top" this summer, we'll just have to wait and see.

That's about it, we're just busy with everything but loving every minute of being with one another, life couldn't be better.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


We got a chorkie (yorkie/chihuahua) he is a doll and just the most precious thing ever and already LOVES his mom and dad! aka Trent and me! He is about 12 weeks old so still little but is about 3 1/2 pounds and will grow to be about 5 pounds. he slept all last night and didn't wake up once. I don't think I have ever heard him bark yet. He is a great puppy and just so happy to have him in our family now. I am sure we will be obsessive and I am fine with that. As you can see on the post name his name is Jack. it just worked when we started saying it.

When we first got him he was soooooo scared and didn't want to go in a car but shortly after the whimpering stopped and he was being so good he just nuzzled up in my arms in the car and had to put his face right by mine. he is SO lovable and just gives lots of kisses. We are so excited! yeah for our BABY! I will post pictures soon!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


On our wedding day I didn't cry until our ring ceremony when Jim(dad) walked me down the aisle and gave me away. That was when tears came. When we spoke about each other and he spoke about me. I wish we had that written down. It was straight from the heart and absolutely amazing. I have been watching these Shade Tree videos specifically Nikki.Sam. and man I just wanted to bawl. that is what love is all about. Thats what I think. I think love is about you and your spouse being so enthralled with each other and wanting every second.

So Me and Trent had a wonderful Dating and a wonderful marriage. I was watching this and I sent him a text and this was our back and forth....

Em:I love you because I know we can make it through anything, I love you because on our first date I knew i'd marry you, I love you because you take my breath away, I love you because you deal with me, and I love you because you strengthen my testimony every day and I love you because I know you'll never leave me.

Trent!:I love you because you always miss me so much., I love you because you put up with me poking you all the time even though you know that I know that i really shouldn't so much, I love you because you are so supportive of me and you just KNOW that I'm going to succeed.

These are all so true. It just melts my heart and makes me so proud to be married to my best friend. In the hardest days where I am SO emotional and being a drama queen I just tell trent you're all I have....you're my best friend! And he just melts and holds me. which is what I need.

What a lucky life to have someone like him. I was always so scared of marriage cause of my parents divorce but I know that with trent we will always be honest and open and make sure that we both are always on the same page. marriage is hard and marriage is tough, but divorce is horrid and divorce hurts more and more every day then a marriage ever would. I am so thankful for the commitments I made to be with Trent for Eternity.

While I am on the texting thing here are a few from Trent when we were dating......
October 4th, 2008 2:45 AM
Yeah, but now xxx's having an emotional breakdown. Seriously Em, completely honest, thank you so much for being around. I needed you tonight, especially with....
October 4th,2008 4:02 PM
Thanks! I try my best! You are one sweetheart too. But like, without stuff written on you like the little Valentine's Day candies! hahahahahha I love him for that text alone.
keep in mind our first date was September 25, 2008.
October 11, 2008 2:54 AM
Emily, don't thank me, I absolutely adore you. I think we both got pretty lucky. It's not like this very often.
October 13, 2008 2:40 AM
A little math during hte break: 2+2= I had an amazing time tonight and love being with you.
When I was Miss Draper Trent found out I was speaking at an elementary and showed up. we had known each other for about 2 and a half weeks and that was it. I was in my crown speaking to kids already so intimidated and then I look back and he is there. I was DYING this is the text from that day.
October 15, 2008 10:44 AM
Yeah but I good one. You did awesome, the kids loved you. It was funny, looking at some of the boys when you were by them, they had the biggest crush on you.
Including a little boy about six foot three, 21 years old, he was dumbfounded.
October 27, 2008 1:37 AM
You're welcome, it's not anything to be thanked for, it's just what you deserve. I cherish every second I can spend with you, I wouldn't trade the time with you for anything else in the world! You've definitely got me wrapped around you little finger.

Those are just a few. That last one was 3 days before we became "exclusive" even though we already practically were. The title came on the 30th. I'll post more later. I just love my husband and this shows what a great kind and caring man he is.
You are the best T LOWE. lovage you to death.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Never in a MILLION years did I think i'd be writing this. I am so happy with taxes this year! we are going to be able to pay our computer off! and not have ANY debt other then school and my car! WHOO to us. I am so excited. Last night I was on like an energy kick because I was so shocked and happy about it. and to make it better got an email saying it'd be in my account on like Wednesday of next week. What a day!

Tonight we are having Cameron(trent's fraternity friend) come over and help with his interview. I am excited. I can't wait for him to go in there and kick butt. I know he'll do great.
I am supposed to be going to boston this summer and I am excited don't get me wrong, but I wish that my husband or more family would be there. :( I might be the loner again! but oh well cause while I am back there I'll get to fly over to New York and be with hubby.

We are going on a cruise next summer so if anyone has suggestions send them my way!
I wanna go to Bermuda, and we want to do a cruise because its all included. is that a good idea?

I decided now that life is slowing down I am going to start to try to remodel some furniture for when we move. I am looking for a wood table or even just a top to attach on our table. round preferably. maybe we'll head to ikea.

Next weekend we'll be off to Vegas for Valentines Day with our friend Mac and Zac Bennett. I am SO excited. We are going to Cirque Du Soleil on Saturday night, Mystere. We got AMAZING seats too. So I am pretty excited and just to be out of town with the hubby with NOTHING to do I think will be REALLY nice. So I am counting down the days for that trip!

I want to do a big get together for all of my old friends. i miss them all. Crimson line and High school friends. so If you are any of those help me plan something.
Life is great.... couldn't be happier. Ps the show Yes to the Dress or whatever I LOVE! its so fun and catchy. I've been entertaining myself with random shows while trent is at school.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A new change!

Well. Life is good! I couldn't be happier. I watched the bachelor last night and made fun of the sheman Vienna and talked about how much i LOVE alli and I decided maybe Jake is perfect for Vienna they BOTH ARE CRAZY! and Gia seriously your HOT you need to just take your top off and he won't even look at vienna. haha. and Tenley i don't want you to win. because I wanna see you as the next BACHELORETTE! so therefore Gia or Alli must win. :) I am excited to see hometowns and Gia and her BROOKLYN pad. so stoked. I will say though in the show when Coree and Jake kissed my heart melted cause then I kissed my wonderful hubby and TEARS CAME strolling down my face! of just pure happiness and knowing that the love really does not go away!
I was in my favorite pink pants, with my hubby cuddling, and ate pasta roni (MY FAVORITE FOOD). :)
This weekend we watched Miss America and BOY WAS IT GOOD! NOT. i hated it. I hate they didn't put Miss Puerto Rico through. she was SO HOT. and I don't like miss america and how far her eyes are apart. not attractive. but I did love Miss New Mexico til she spoke. then it went down hill. and California couldn't even keep her eyes open. not a fan. Kentucky was A LITTLE to much for me. she was ALL OVER THE PLACE!
But anyways It was so fun to just be home and not stress about tomorrow.(today)
Work has been so busy but so good. I enjoy when I sit there and go WHERE DID THE DAY GO! like today, already had lunch and done a ton at work and its half way through the day. nothing can make me happier!
My ACCADIANS took 4th at state which was such a great accomplishment. I am so proud I was a part of this team this year. I recently did make the decision to step down as a coach, because.......WE ARE MOVING. well we are banking on moving to Boston, Chicago, or Connecticut for the program Teach For America that Trent has his final interview for on February 11th. :) I am so proud of him and all that he is doing.

i hope everyone is well..does anyone even read this?
yeah for Ashlee for getting engaged. we are pumped. and can't wait for the wedding day. miss you.