Thursday, December 10, 2009


Dear Santa,

My husband and I just got married. Money has been tight on us but we are still very blessed. I was coming to write you to ask you to bring me a headband and a jacket and some boots from forever 21 but then I decided I'd ask for Christmas for me and my husband to love each other unconditionally and get to make dinner together and have a slumber party by getting pillows and blankets and have my monterey cocoa and lay by the fire and watch law and order for hours. Thats what I want. Keep him safe and always be sure to let him know how much he means to me. Maybe some new sweat pants and blue jeans for him. He'd really like that. Thanks Santa. Your the best.

Emily Lowe

This is my letter to santa! hopefully it will come true. Mom if you see this, I would like to get some uggs and jeans! haha thanks mommy.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas is HERE!

Well I suck at blogging lately. here is what we have been up too
-Thanksgiving at Grandma Whites house- so fun- hotel stay, log toss contest, pecan pie, four wheelers, and shooting guns!
-Best time ever with my hubby. oh how I love him and am SO thankful for him and my marriage.
-Still coaching. Still tired. Still ready for some major sleeping
-one more semester FINALLY
-I want to get my teaching license
-Trent takes the LSAT saturday. then applies for law school and Teach For America
-We are broke, but only because we want to be I decided
-we love Seven Pounds, Kite Runner, and Forever Strong
-i CHOPPED my hair. ALL OF IT
-We saw New Moon and really enjoyed it!
-We hate Max Hall
-one of my BF's got married!Congrats!
-Annie Crawls now. makes me sad she is getting big
-We just love each other more and more each day.

I love Trent so much. He has been such a blessing in my life. Thanks for everything babe.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Picture from the Wedding!


Well its official! WE MADE IT THROUGH OUR FIRST MONTH! and boy was it AMAZING! I just wanted to take a second and do something I don't often do and publicly just say how much I LOVE Trenton. he is my best friend. my eternal partner. my forever. I am so thankful for his patience, compassion, kind heart, and his goofiness to keep me laughing for days. I can't think of one day of this marriage he hasn't just made me giggle. even when he makes fun of my cry. :)

some fun moments of being married:

Are those my socks?
At least I am really cute right?
going to Barbados with each other for a week
Going to sleep ever night together
Speaking in our new ward sacrament meeting!
Going to dinner with families and being a married couple!
Dressing up as a genie (Trent) and me a pumpkin and going to a SIG EP party. ha ha

We are so blessed and love being married. We really do.

I love you Trenton Lee Lowe and am so happy I am now Emily Elizabeth Lowe!

Love you babe.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Well in case you didn't hear we are MARRIED! haha. our wedding day was fabulous and we had so much fun. it was one of the best days of my life. Our temple ceremony was gorgeous and BARBADOS was so great! Thank you to Cindy and Dennis for that trip. it was exactly what we needed. Thanks to all of my mom's family to for all their help prepping for the big day and everyones help that day. it was so much fun. I don't miss the stress though! haha. Now we are back to work and school and realizing we want another vacation. we miss it! but we love being married and living together. he is the best hubby ever! :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pray for sunshine!

last night was horrible. I woke up in a crying fit because I had a dream trent called off the whole wedding. it was horrible and to make it worse I couldn't wake up! but when I called him at 5:30 AM he then told me he loved me and wanted to marry me. haha so we are good, wedding is still on. but I was so sad. still kinda carried into my day. oh well. 

I have a huge test today and can't find my book so there for no studying. I am so tired and for no reason. I am getting good sleep. I am pretty ready to be on my way to barbados but I know that when I have my wedding day i'll feel so opposite i'll wish I could have that OVER AND OVER again. 

I  am so excited to see all my girlfriends and trents friends and our WONDERFUL families outside the temple doors on Friday morning. it will be breathtaking.

thought it'd be good for me to spill my emotions are heart before the day. things have DEFINETLY been tough at times with this process but overall so amazing. I LOVE My invitations, and everything for my wedding seems to be perfect. I was so lucky and my mom made my dress and its SPECTACULAR literally breathtaking. I am so happy and so amazed at the work she does with no pattern or anything. I am still so speechless in how lucky I am for trent to be marrying me. I mean me out of ALL OF the people he picked me. I am so lucky. I mean I did kinda pick him with me finding him on facebook and all. but I am so glad I did! the best thing that has ever happened to me. I am so priveleged and honored to be his wife. I know I know this is a big sob story! haha but I am so greatful. and now I get to go through the temple with the man of my dreams! life doesn't get better.

Next time you hear from me i'll probably have returned from barbados, had my wedding, and be the HAPPIEST WOMAN EVER MRS LOWE. :) look forward to it! i will be posting my bridals soon after. such a great thing!

GO WEDDING! pray for sunshine EVERYONE please. i really need it. and ps if i hadn't told my friends i am sorry we exit at about 11 from the temple so come down and enjoy it if you'd like! if not hope to see you at my reception! :)

Monday, October 5, 2009


I have 4 days. I am so excited. i just can't believe its almost here! oh my heck. here we go!

Friday, October 2, 2009


woke up this morning and realized its ONE WEEK til my wedding. I only have 19 more hours of work, then lots of appointments to attempt to be beautiful for Trenton on our wedding day. then i'm OFF TO BARBADOS to enjoy a wonderful relaxing vacation with JUST the man. I am so excited. This is the best time in my life. and to think its all almost here! :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Have I mentioned I am getting married??? 

Or that its only 10 days away. 
or that I am going to Barbados?? 
or that my name is Mrs Lowe pretty soon??? 
haha thought i'd let you all know. 
My life is about to start and I couldn't be happier. Just thought i'd publicly express how much i LOVE AND ADORE Trenton Lee Lowe. He is perfect. the Ideal man for me. I am so lucky.
I got all my temple stuff yesterday thank you to MY MOTHER IN LAW! so sweet and now I get to be so priviliged to wear them and be sealed to him for ETERNITY!

another sneak peak! 

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

dum dum du dum. dum dum du dum! wedding song???

17 DAYS!!!!

I know I am going through a moment of no posts now LOTS OF POSTS!

I made trent dinner last night! trying to become wifey, burnt the meat! but made a new batch it ended up being really good. but then i burnt the CUPCAKES! saddest part to the whole night. but trent did dishes and I finished my homework. then my LONG drive home to DRAPER for the next 17 days. I love trent so much.

I am so excited to marry him. i am putting a sneak peak of our bridals on here today! BE EXCITED! everything is coming up so fast. 

if you haven't gotten your invite please let me know! 

Thanks to everyone who checks this! haha 

Monday, September 21, 2009

18 days!!! HOLY CRAP

I am in shock i have 18 days til i am

I have never been so excited for something or to be with someone. The wedding is pretty much done. I am still coaching only going 2 times a week right now though. its just getting a bit tougher. We are both still in school. STRESSFUL! but we are so happy.

We have a DARLING apt in the Avenues and we love it. We have painted it red and decorated it so cute.

I have had so much fun at all my showers. and my Bridal shoot was INCREDIBLE. i can't wait to show all my pics....after my wedding! haha

I am so happy. i love trenton with all my heart and am honored to be sealed to him. I have my reccommend ready to go. Can't wait!


Monday, August 17, 2009

Here we go!

Where to start. Well we are now down to 54 days. INSANE!
  • I changed all my wedding colors last wednesday
  • have had 2 dentist appointments that have KILLED
  • trent got 7 staples in his head from passing out.
  • Changed my bridals date cause dress isn't done
  • my camera got stolen :( mean guy who broke into my car
  • went to the REAL game with Madi SO FUN
  • Trent went to Orlando
  • I went to NY for work. UGH long trip
  • We spent 8 days away. i missed him but he is home now. life is good.
  • the wedding is so soon. still have a few things to do!
  • anyone know where to get some sticks???
  • anyone know of a good bridal shop for a veil????
Ah. life is crazy will update more soon. LOVE TRENT SO MUCH and so happy all my friends will be involved! :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

okay! so wedding plans....

Well to tell you the truth at the beginning 6 months of our relationship WE NEVER FOUGHT! and now that there is wedding plans, and showers, luncheons, BUDGETS, DINNERS, everything its been SO STRESSFUL!!! but we are making it through. we watched the bachelorette last night-i LOVE- and i just sat and cried and realized how much i am so MADLY in love with TRENT and appreciate that man! and all he does. i could not be happier. I am so getting through all the bridesmaid drama and everything else. I am so thankful for my best friends though.

We found our dresses at ANN TAYLOR. thank goodness. ugh that was a mess.

and now I am jsut hard working. i have a conference in NEW YORK in a week and i'll be gone for 4 days. I'LL MISS THE BABE! ugh! but it'll be good for me. Well there is a portion of update. such a great time in our life. going to see our apartent tonight! WHOOOO and yesterday we found a new florist! don't worry just 18 tables for my wedding dinner! UGH! crazy. i am so excited. ONLY 72 1/2 MORE DAYS!!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009



Tuesday, July 14, 2009

BAH! its been a while... i know!!

Well I haven't been very good about writing when I said I'd BE WAY GOOD! so UPDATE
1. me and trenton went and registered at BED BATH AND BEYOND! haha it was fun but a struggle although we seemed to agree on most which is good I hear. But I was WAY annoyed the lady kept trying to get me to get CHINA! i don't want CHINA! anyways. bathroom is Tiffany blue and brown. so cute. I loved it.
2. We picked out all our flowers and the food we are eating at the dinner! I was dying cause they brought out like food to feed 4 families to us to test! haha! but it was so YUMMY! GO THE POINT!
3. We almost have our invites finished. i would post BUT i won't cause its a surprise! but its nothing normal haha go figure.
4. We had a crazy adventure and ride to MONROE UTAH where we went for 4th of JULY. first it started with our cake lady forgetting about us haha and then registereing and then shopping for engagements and Trent's bday! then on the way down there was lots of crying hahaha and as we got to the hole in the wall dumpy place we realized that it was pretty sketch. but its okay. we got through it. and i stayed in a tent with trent's sis! THANKS MAL AND KEN. they let us borrow it. so then saturday we went to the carnival and it was WAY FUN! we liked it alot. then we went back and got ready and made plans to go with Mal and Ken to the FIREWORKS! it was SO FUN! i loved it. such a great 4th of JUly. i love Trent by the way. he was so sweet that whole weekend of dealing with me. i like to say i am like that because of the wedding hah! oops.
5. If you know me really well you know i NEVER stay up late. i always am the first to fall asleep even if i TRY! and then after fireworks me and MAL and ken and TRENT went to their house and watched Million Dollar baby? i think .any ways I LOVED IT! I was so intrigued I was up til a bout 4 am! haha. no big deal.
6. Then I got extensions on sunday. and they still itch. i am not enjoying the itching part. but other wise they are great and Nikki did so good! i did them for my engagement pics! but it was fun.
7. ENGAGEMENT PIC DAY that monday. so FUN! our photographer is a hoot. i love her! and we are just waiting for them now. i'll post a few. :) its just been a crazy week.
8. Then TRENTS BIRTHDAY! it was such a great day. i couldn't take the day off so he came and met me for lunch at the PIE so yummy. then that night it was off to CeteBello. SO YUM. we had lots of fun and i made him a Funfetti cake(which is also our wedding ccake) and we enjoyed the time together. then Friday it was off to weddings and CL fundraisers haha! it was alot of fun seeing all the girls. i miss them dearly. but love my future hubby!
9. Then it was SIG EP PARTY TIME! haha we had so much fun. all i have to say is those boys are so nice to me. i love them all. i really do. but it was stressful. cops showed up and i was helping which i normally don't! but it was fun. alot of fun for the guys and my babe.
10. Then!!!! it was off to the zoo sat morning then off to a meeting with some of my clients! SORRY BRE I MISSED YOUR SHOWER! BUT I LOVE YOU!!! and then Jenni's Bachelorette shower was that night and that was QUITE THE TREAT! haha so entertaining i love DUFF! so much. so fun.

So thats basicly my life in a nut shell. and yesterday we think we might have found our apartment! in the avenues. its very cute and little. but i love it! i am excited. EXCITING TIMES! MISS YOU MOM IN TEXAS!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Home sweet home!!

Me and Trent went on a 5 hour drive to IDAHO this weekend. Although it was pretty fun we were pretty tired from all the driving. We went swimming all day Saturday with my little bro and sis and then that night got some SIZZLER and then went to BED time. it was alot of fun and appreciate my dad letting us stay there. I miss those kids

I still feel so lucky me and Trent got each other. He was such a doll and such a good sport when he got FRIED at the pool on his stomach. i feel SO BAD! but he's tough. We had so much fun just laughing and relaxing and we got a few more things done for the WEDDING! only 104 more days! I am SOOOOOOOO EXCITED!

Friday, June 26, 2009


Well, me and the fiance are off to Idaho to see my dad! WHOO wish us luck on this drive! haha we might need it! :)


I AM SO HAPPY!!! I THINK I FOUND MY INVITATION DESIGN.....a bit different. but pretty similar. I love them! I am meeting with the wonderful Katie Henderson today! WHOOOO GO ME!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Well I am so excited to start assistant coaching at Brighton. This week we went down to Orem for the Precision Dance Camp and it was really a great camp. I was really impressed for the time I got to see. Which sadly wasn't to much! I only got to go down at night. but it was alot of fun to meet them and get to know Katie a bit more.

They are truely amazing and have so much talent I am so proud to be involved with them!
And they know how to have fun! basicly they are the funniest group of girls haha!!! i love them to pieces. I'll post a pic later!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


By the way good news!!! just found out that my fabric for my mom to make my dress is IN! BEING SENT TODAY! thank goodness!!!!!

Where to START!

Well. Things are so great! I am so happy we are FINALLY engaged. we have been keeping it a secret for a while now! the Wedding is on October 9th! And I am SO EXCITED! we are getting married in the SLC temple and then doing our reception at the Point, huntsman cancer institute, its a beautiful place! I have the greatest friends in the world and a great sister who already has a date for my shower! The CRIMSON LINE one is September 10 and the family one for my mom's side is on Sept. 12. two in one week! haha it will be fun though.

So I have a new job at a place called OfferWeb. I really enjoy it. I am doing a good job I feel like at picking up the new job and understanding what I do. Its just a complicated process so it can be a bit frustrating.

Recently I just got the job at Brighton High School as the assitant coach for the drill team. I am SO excited. I love Katie and Haeli and the girls. We went down to camp in Provo this week at the Precision camp which was alot of fun. Something I really enjoyed. So this is all becoming an amazing ride. I wouldn't take anything back for the world.

Miss Utah was AMAZING!!!! this needs a whole blog. It was alot of stress and very tiring and thinking you could be in top ten and not making it was hard. but I performed my very best and enjoyed every minute. I LOVED doing my dance and it felt like the best i ever had done it! THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO CAME! seriously it meant the world to me.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


These past few months have been NUTS!!! Trying to get ready for Miss Utah and trying to plan my wedding secretly! but yet loudly haha! I am so excited to get married.

Trent Surprised me on Saturday night after working on my shoes for Show Me Your Shoes all day long and told me we were going to dinner before I went to Miss Utah to spend some time together. I hadn't showered or put on makeup all day long and Trent told me to put some make up on so that I looked nice for pictures while we were out that night. I was a little taken back by that but NOW appreciate the heads up haha!
So we went to Cafe Treng, OUR FAVORITE RESTAURANT and had a GREAT dinner and then left for Gilgel Park i think its called. haha. then we went to Temple Square and got to just hang out and enjoy our special SPOT that we both immediately walked too.
He was so romantic and sweet the whole night like he always is. I kept saying i was super cold so after about an hour and a half we left and he asked me to decide what I wanted to do the whole night, so I said go rent a movie and cuddle and eat popcorn! i WAS EXHAUSTED. so we go to the car, and then we started heading a different way but of course i didn't question him. So we ended up down the street from Memory Grove and we started on our walk! haha it took about 10 minutes to walk there and as we got there he was stalling I now know, and he kept telling me to look on this memorial wall for Bryson and Lowe. but he was texting his sister which I had no IDEA! then we walked over to the Main site at Memory Grove and as we walked up there was candles and pictures in chronological order of our dating past and as we got to the top I was crying and there was Roses at the top and an empty frame!
So background info when Trent told me he loved me he told me by saying a bunch of things and ending with I think I really really like you and I think I am really in Love with you. and I responded with I know I like you and I know I love you.

So with that said he kept saying he can't wait to be my husband and he's so proud of me and I wasn't expecting him to propose until after Miss Utah honestly. and then we looked at me and said I think I really really LOVE You and I think I wanna Marry YOU! and then I of course said I know i LOVE YOU and I KNOW I WANNA MARRY YOU! and then he got done on one knee and asked me to marry him! ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE! I will update later about more! :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Little Children and Old women and men

Well today was pretty eventful, I had to work a 8 hour shift cause I am going the MWC in Vegas on Thursday so I am working more hours this week, and so today at about noon, the day was going pretty fast and then all the sudden I get a call and the old man WAS SO STUPID AND RUDE! made me so mad! I seriously had to like walk away before mean things came out of my mouth. and then I teach dance at a studio and one of my 6 year olds was dancing WAY innapppropriately and another sat there for like 5 minutes with her hand in the air and I finally called on her and she just wanted to tell me her mom's birthday! ha I was laughing so hard, and horrible I know but one of my little girls slipped and fell and I COULDN'T stop laughing it was so funny! haha shame on me. oh well. that was my adventure for the day. now I am needing some alone time! ugh! MONDAYS ARE SO LONG! I am done! oh well, Miss Utah paperwork is due in like 3 weeks, bet you know what I will be doing! UGH!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


so Trent decided he was going to make a blog and I had the idea that we jsut SHARE mine! so here it is being created into ours!!! :)


It has been SO SO LONG, since I have blogged! but I decided today I am going to make an effort to blog. so first of i CAN'T believe how fast time flies by! but this is an update on stuff
1. Dating Trent for almost 6 months!
2. went to the inauguration
3. Miss Utah is in 14 weeks!
4. I had my last game for performing at the U of U last night. kinda sad! :( okay i was a wreck!
5. Melissa (my sister) had a baby and she is PERFECT her name is Annie and I ADORE HER!
6. I am SO MADLY in love with Trent.
7. I went to the Sugar Bowl AMAZING
8. Both of the sports teams at the U were MWC champs this year! THANK YOU UTAH!
9. VALENTINES day was the best day of my life!
10. Did i mention i was in love??
11. I am done with dance in about a month. insane. i really can't believe its almost over.
12. I am still at discover card and i am sitll likeing it. i am crazy i know.
13. I will be passing off my title as Miss Draper on May 30, and Miss Utah is 17-20 of June
14. I had my first vacation to MONROE in months with Trent and ALMOST died! haha insane
Okay so here comes the pics too.
Well this weekend on Friday I was able to go out with Jake and my friend Nikki on a double date to an Italian pizza restauraunt down town. so YUMMY! and Saturday I had my LAST 6am practice on a Saturday and performed my final routine with crimson line. EXTREMELY hard but an amazing performance. i felt so good about it and felt every inch of me performing that day! such a great experience this has been to dance with all my best friends, i will never take back anything because of the friends i have made! amazing. i love them all. jenni, madi, you know who you are. I treasure those friendships, meghan(mom), mac, kallee, court, the usuals. I just love them
Anyways, After that I changed AT the Huntsman Center and left for Trent's banquet for his fraternity Sigma Phi Epsilon. it was alot of fun and great to see him in his element and where he is the leader. I constantly told him that it was so weird cause normally I am the one who we go to stuff for I feel like but it was so fun. and we got to sit by C-MOR and Courtney. love them both! so fun. it was a great night and only got better. as we got back to sig ep me and trent had a huge talkk and I realized last night how much we really do blend and get along. I am so lucky to have such an understanding and amazing boyfriend. I LOVE YOU BABE! I do.
well here are pictures i'll keep you updated!
This week I will be leaving on Wednesday for The MWC basketball tourny in VEGAS!!!! so excited! be back this weekend and then its long days at work and getting ready to leave for the NCAA's. so fun. can't wait! :)