Tuesday, June 22, 2010


How fortunate I am I that I get to go visit my hubster in 2 days and not only that but he has been talking me up to be some CELEBRITY at TFA and I am nervous as crap to step up to the plate!

Lets start here with an update. I know blog posts have been depressing. I am doing better, sorry about that! but techinically this is MY journal right? Well. we finally hired someone at the office. I am happy. She will be great but taht doesn't mean I didn't cry three times on Monday when I finished my final shift.
Funny things that have happened at my office are one of the partners is an older gentleman probably 65, maybe older, BUT SO WITH IT. He is hilarious. When he needs me he pulls my chair to his office, or jumps up and down at my desk until I give him attention. Makes for a good day. Then we have another older gentlemen and when I told him this was my last day he replied with oh good. haha Thanks.... glad you enjoyed having me here! He then said I am envious of your adventure and wish you luck. I needed that. Then we have my younger bosses and one eats ALL OF MY FOOD I bring. Funny to be honest but he really is such a good guy, and then we have my one other who ALWAYS is trying to find a way to make my job easier. These guys are SO successful but are still so respectful and willing to do the small things. I will miss them, THANK YOU GARDNER COMPANY FOR THE PAST YEAR!

Moving on, I can't WAIT to see Trent. It's sooooo close. So I am just being patient and waiting! I love him I can't wait to meet his friends and go to dinner and all just hang out. Then we are off to Cape Cod. Who's jealous??? That's right, YOU! haha it will be a blast and lots of good time with my family.

This week I babysat Annie on Monday and boy do I LOVE HER. She is so cute and so fun and a great personality. So much fun to cuddle hug and kiss. She was great. Then today we all went to the pool. So fun. she is a great little water baby so we had a good time splashing and playing in the water. :)

In honor of this week I am posting pics of my baby Annie, Jack, and my family and hubby. I LOVE YOU ALL.

Monday, June 14, 2010


So we are moving and I wanted to post where we'll be living in Memphis. We are in a town called East Memphis and its on the border of Germantown, where if you've seen Blindside the Touille's lived in that city.
We got a 3 bedroom townhouse and here it is!
and here is a picture of the front of our place,

Friday, June 11, 2010


I am headed to the vet to get Jack's cone and stitches out! wish us luck!

Monday, June 7, 2010


Well we move in like 5 weeks total. Should I be sad? Probably. Am I? Nope. Just miss my hubby.

This weekend was a lot of fun! I babysat my boss's kids and had a good time and then Saturday got to watch my baby annies. It was a greaet time. She is a hoot. So funny and exciting to be with. I will miss that baby. But when I get back she will be growing so fast and it will be so fun to see her! Love you ANNIES! SHOUT OUT! haha

I can't wait for Memphis and all the wonderful things it will bring! BBQ, nights on Beale Street, doggy park for Jack, but most importantly time with my hubs. We have been going going going since we got married so I am so ready for some us time. Although after all these training's he is going through I think the first little bit might be rough. Don't think we'll be seeing each other as much as I though for the first while. If anything, i'll become his assistant and help with school work so that we can still be doing something together. I hope he isn't getting used to me being gone cause buddy I will be as clingy as ever! :)

Now I am trying to find a job, spend time with friends and family, and enjoy my last few weeks here in Utah. I will miss my mommy, daddy, annie, and meliss and jim and will think about them all the time but they will be out to see me in October. They better at least. I think they will really enjoy where we live and the luscious green all around us. Thanks for everyones support! I will try to make the blogs happy from here on out! :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010


For weeks, even months, we have not had any calm days and yet this week has been just that, calm. Its been nice and relaxing but I have found I prefer a crazy life with my husband then a calm life without. The first day was hard. I cried all day long, second day got easier and third day I was doing really good till the night time phone call, and I lost it. I am back together again and feeling good so thanks to everyone who has been there for me. My puppy, parents, and some great friends. On Wednesday morning I got a text from a friend named Katie asking if she could stop by later that night. I of course love the company so said yes. Well at about 4:30 I get a call saying she is out front and is coming up to my office. I was excited to see someone and to have a friend by so I couldn't wait. She came up and walked in with a GORGEOUS flower in a vase and a card for me. She told me how she knows that this situation is so crappy and feels for me. Those few words went so far you'll never understand. The thought that someone went that out of there way for me meant so much. I am happy to know I have great friends thinking about me and appreciate it so much. We only have 3 weeks left till I get to see Trent so I am so happy and will keep truckin along. Thanks katie again for reminding me people are thinking about me. your amazing.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Where to begin? These last few weeks have sincerely been a blur. Lets rewind a little bit.

About 2 and half weeks ago, Dennis, Trent's dad, went into the hospital on a Friday night for kidney problems. We were able to go and see him a lot because he was at LDS in the Avenues and we lived just a few blocks away. That was May 14th. We continued to have very busy and stressful lives while preparing for the move. I worked extra hours and I judged almost every weekend on top of trying to spend all my time with him. Things were going great and we were doing our best to help Dennis. Then about a week later we realized Dennis wasn't getting out soon and Trent was scheduled to leave the next week for Memphis so we needed to figure something out so we could ensure he had someone with him. I immediately decided that I would be going with him. Like I would let anyone else. We arranged for me to get a Buddy pass with United from some of Trent's parents friends which was still $110 dollars and just another expense we weren't expecting. I was able to swtich my time off with my boss to be sure that I could go with him and have the office covered. Things weren't to bad we were making sure we didn't spend any money then we ccoudln't because of course a few weeks earlier we had bought a new King size mattress and a new bed frame for our new apartment with our graduation money. Oh and we bought tickets to the Manchester United game and the Notre Dame game. So we were all ready for all these trips and ran into a few different financial obligations but we will be okay.
Anyways moving on we were all set for me to go with Trent to Memphis which ended up being better and I was so excited to go with him. We did some dinners with friends and were able to go to our favorite comedy club for our last weekend and we got family pictures done! They turned out fabulous and fun to have. On our last weekend about 2 hours before we went to my moms house Jack jumped out of Trent's arms and ended up fracturing his knee and had to get surgery. There are more posts on that, but boy was it a pretty penny that we just didn't have. So I scheduled babysitters and the surgery and the rides for him everywhere and I was a little less stressed but it was just emotionally tiring. Then the following week I had a Dr. appt. I had to go to so I had to take more time off work to go, which is less money, and then Tuesday we had a wedding dinner and the night before we left we had a Wedding for my best friend Ashlee. I took a half day on Wednesday the day before we left so that I could be sure we got all the errands done while Trent packed all day with 4 of his friends. THANK YOU AGAIN! So I got home on Wednesday from all my errands around Salt Lake Valley at about 4 p.m. and had to be out to Draper at like 6 p.m. So we hurried and loaded up my car so that we could drop everything off and drop off all my clothes for the next 5 weeks while we were away. I went to Ashlees wedding which was great and she was so understanding to let me take off early, and so I went to meet Trent at my moms to get our bed frame and take it to our Penske truck downtown. We get going and yet realize we hadn't really tied down the bed but figured we'd be okay. Well we were wrong. We were on I-15 and the headboard went flying out of the truck and was completely smashed and hit on the freeway. At that point we were just DONE. We didn't know what to do. I called my mom she told us to head back to her house I decided we'd trying going straight to IKEA and so we met there and I went inside bawling to the worker and told her my story and after about 15 minutes of searching bless her heart she was able to find us the exact same headboard but in a different color. It was so nice of her and we were so thankful. We tied it down all the way and were able to get home and get it loaded. We had Trent's family over for a bit and they helped clean and get things prepared and got his Truck loaded on the trailer and we finally made it to bed at about 1:30 a.m.
It was a long night and we were planning on going to bed at like 10 so we could be off at 5 a.m. and that didn't happen. So we slept in till 6 a.m. and were off. We stopped in Park City and got some breakfast and then the 33 hour drive began. There were some good things. Gas was a lot cheaper, we were able to spend time together, the truck had great A.C. and wonderful leather seats. We were so exhausted so we stopped in Burlington, Colorado at about 10 p.m. and slept and were on the road by 6 a.m. I was so worried about Jack but knew his surgery would go well. We drove and drove and drove all day long. I hate Oklahoma and Kansas's roads. Ridiculous. They were so bumpy and out of control. We didn't really have any issues on the drive and we arrived to Memphis at about 12:30 a.m. on Saturday early morning. We didn't see a ton but it was pretty cool. So we made it to our hotel in Germantown on the East side of Memphis and stayed the night in a nice hotel. We were exhausted. We got up at about 8 a.m. and were off to appointments for apartments. As we were leaving we stopped to get gas and of course Trent's truck wouldn't start. We didn't know what happened and asked someone to give us a jump and because we needed to get to these appointments. Everyone was very nice there and always willing to help. So we got the car going and were off. We decided to leave the truck running just in case and were lucky enough that it wasn't stolen. The first place we went to was FABULOUS (and what we ended up picking) and I knew it from the very beginning. We decided to take a few more looks though. So we headed out to our next appointment in an area called Midtown. We didn't love it. All the houses there still needed so much work. So we decided it wasn't worth it. We were at one of the stops and the truck died again. So we got the renter to help us. We ended up pushing it down a hill and jumping the clutch. So fun in humidity. We went to our next stop and accidentally turned off the truck and it died again. So we got a nice guy to help us on the side of the road. So we got it going and went to an Auto Zone to get it fixed. Well we knew NOTHING about the area and I definitely saw some crazy things go down. We met a group of guys that were immediately ready to help and a man named JB White came and helped us and gave us a good deal but still it was 200 dollars we didn't have. Oh well! So by about 4 p.m. truck was fixed we were waiting to hear from Townhouse if we were approved. So we went and stopped buy and found out we were and decided that that was it. We went to a city called Collierville about 10 miles away and got a hotel room cause everything else was booked. Of course it was WAY expensive but again oh well. So we had a great nights stay and a fun wonderful dinner found out Trent got a job at a Middle School there so we were relieved. We woke up the next day I did laundry at the hotel and we were off to the airport and sign the lease on the apartment. At the gas station our freaking truck broke down. We ended up tightening the wires and put new tape on them and it started up. we are so lucky, but so unlucky too. We went signed the lease, took a video of where we were living and then Trent took me to the airport. I hadn't realized everything going on so it was so hard to deal with the fact we were about to be separated for a LONG time. I bawled all through security, airport, even as I was boarding the plane. Insane. I finally pulled it together, and was okay and good to go. I got to Denver on a buddy pass and all flights were full for 2 days on the Denver to SLC flight. So we bought me flight home on Southwest cause I REFUSED to deal with that. So I got home saw my puppy and my family and was able to relax luckily. Monday came along and here I am bawling in stores and in parking lots trying to deal with all of this and missing my husband. I miss him so much. I love you babe. You mean everything to me. Good Luck out there and I'll see you in 24 days! :) Miss you.