Monday, March 9, 2009

Little Children and Old women and men

Well today was pretty eventful, I had to work a 8 hour shift cause I am going the MWC in Vegas on Thursday so I am working more hours this week, and so today at about noon, the day was going pretty fast and then all the sudden I get a call and the old man WAS SO STUPID AND RUDE! made me so mad! I seriously had to like walk away before mean things came out of my mouth. and then I teach dance at a studio and one of my 6 year olds was dancing WAY innapppropriately and another sat there for like 5 minutes with her hand in the air and I finally called on her and she just wanted to tell me her mom's birthday! ha I was laughing so hard, and horrible I know but one of my little girls slipped and fell and I COULDN'T stop laughing it was so funny! haha shame on me. oh well. that was my adventure for the day. now I am needing some alone time! ugh! MONDAYS ARE SO LONG! I am done! oh well, Miss Utah paperwork is due in like 3 weeks, bet you know what I will be doing! UGH!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


so Trent decided he was going to make a blog and I had the idea that we jsut SHARE mine! so here it is being created into ours!!! :)


It has been SO SO LONG, since I have blogged! but I decided today I am going to make an effort to blog. so first of i CAN'T believe how fast time flies by! but this is an update on stuff
1. Dating Trent for almost 6 months!
2. went to the inauguration
3. Miss Utah is in 14 weeks!
4. I had my last game for performing at the U of U last night. kinda sad! :( okay i was a wreck!
5. Melissa (my sister) had a baby and she is PERFECT her name is Annie and I ADORE HER!
6. I am SO MADLY in love with Trent.
7. I went to the Sugar Bowl AMAZING
8. Both of the sports teams at the U were MWC champs this year! THANK YOU UTAH!
9. VALENTINES day was the best day of my life!
10. Did i mention i was in love??
11. I am done with dance in about a month. insane. i really can't believe its almost over.
12. I am still at discover card and i am sitll likeing it. i am crazy i know.
13. I will be passing off my title as Miss Draper on May 30, and Miss Utah is 17-20 of June
14. I had my first vacation to MONROE in months with Trent and ALMOST died! haha insane
Okay so here comes the pics too.
Well this weekend on Friday I was able to go out with Jake and my friend Nikki on a double date to an Italian pizza restauraunt down town. so YUMMY! and Saturday I had my LAST 6am practice on a Saturday and performed my final routine with crimson line. EXTREMELY hard but an amazing performance. i felt so good about it and felt every inch of me performing that day! such a great experience this has been to dance with all my best friends, i will never take back anything because of the friends i have made! amazing. i love them all. jenni, madi, you know who you are. I treasure those friendships, meghan(mom), mac, kallee, court, the usuals. I just love them
Anyways, After that I changed AT the Huntsman Center and left for Trent's banquet for his fraternity Sigma Phi Epsilon. it was alot of fun and great to see him in his element and where he is the leader. I constantly told him that it was so weird cause normally I am the one who we go to stuff for I feel like but it was so fun. and we got to sit by C-MOR and Courtney. love them both! so fun. it was a great night and only got better. as we got back to sig ep me and trent had a huge talkk and I realized last night how much we really do blend and get along. I am so lucky to have such an understanding and amazing boyfriend. I LOVE YOU BABE! I do.
well here are pictures i'll keep you updated!
This week I will be leaving on Wednesday for The MWC basketball tourny in VEGAS!!!! so excited! be back this weekend and then its long days at work and getting ready to leave for the NCAA's. so fun. can't wait! :)