Tuesday, July 28, 2009

okay! so wedding plans....

Well to tell you the truth at the beginning 6 months of our relationship WE NEVER FOUGHT! and now that there is wedding plans, and showers, luncheons, BUDGETS, DINNERS, everything its been SO STRESSFUL!!! but we are making it through. we watched the bachelorette last night-i LOVE- and i just sat and cried and realized how much i am so MADLY in love with TRENT and appreciate that man! and all he does. i could not be happier. I am so getting through all the bridesmaid drama and everything else. I am so thankful for my best friends though.

We found our dresses at ANN TAYLOR. thank goodness. ugh that was a mess.

and now I am jsut hard working. i have a conference in NEW YORK in a week and i'll be gone for 4 days. I'LL MISS THE BABE! ugh! but it'll be good for me. Well there is a portion of update. such a great time in our life. going to see our apartent tonight! WHOOOO and yesterday we found a new florist! don't worry just 18 tables for my wedding dinner! UGH! crazy. i am so excited. ONLY 72 1/2 MORE DAYS!!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009



Tuesday, July 14, 2009

BAH! its been a while... i know!!

Well I haven't been very good about writing when I said I'd BE WAY GOOD! so UPDATE
1. me and trenton went and registered at BED BATH AND BEYOND! haha it was fun but a struggle although we seemed to agree on most which is good I hear. But I was WAY annoyed the lady kept trying to get me to get CHINA! i don't want CHINA! anyways. bathroom is Tiffany blue and brown. so cute. I loved it.
2. We picked out all our flowers and the food we are eating at the dinner! I was dying cause they brought out like food to feed 4 families to us to test! haha! but it was so YUMMY! GO THE POINT!
3. We almost have our invites finished. i would post BUT i won't cause its a surprise! but its nothing normal haha go figure.
4. We had a crazy adventure and ride to MONROE UTAH where we went for 4th of JULY. first it started with our cake lady forgetting about us haha and then registereing and then shopping for engagements and Trent's bday! then on the way down there was lots of crying hahaha and as we got to the hole in the wall dumpy place we realized that it was pretty sketch. but its okay. we got through it. and i stayed in a tent with trent's sis! THANKS MAL AND KEN. they let us borrow it. so then saturday we went to the carnival and it was WAY FUN! we liked it alot. then we went back and got ready and made plans to go with Mal and Ken to the FIREWORKS! it was SO FUN! i loved it. such a great 4th of JUly. i love Trent by the way. he was so sweet that whole weekend of dealing with me. i like to say i am like that because of the wedding hah! oops.
5. If you know me really well you know i NEVER stay up late. i always am the first to fall asleep even if i TRY! and then after fireworks me and MAL and ken and TRENT went to their house and watched Million Dollar baby? i think .any ways I LOVED IT! I was so intrigued I was up til a bout 4 am! haha. no big deal.
6. Then I got extensions on sunday. and they still itch. i am not enjoying the itching part. but other wise they are great and Nikki did so good! i did them for my engagement pics! but it was fun.
7. ENGAGEMENT PIC DAY that monday. so FUN! our photographer is a hoot. i love her! and we are just waiting for them now. i'll post a few. :) its just been a crazy week.
8. Then TRENTS BIRTHDAY! it was such a great day. i couldn't take the day off so he came and met me for lunch at the PIE so yummy. then that night it was off to CeteBello. SO YUM. we had lots of fun and i made him a Funfetti cake(which is also our wedding ccake) and we enjoyed the time together. then Friday it was off to weddings and CL fundraisers haha! it was alot of fun seeing all the girls. i miss them dearly. but love my future hubby!
9. Then it was SIG EP PARTY TIME! haha we had so much fun. all i have to say is those boys are so nice to me. i love them all. i really do. but it was stressful. cops showed up and i was helping which i normally don't! but it was fun. alot of fun for the guys and my babe.
10. Then!!!! it was off to the zoo sat morning then off to a meeting with some of my clients! SORRY BRE I MISSED YOUR SHOWER! BUT I LOVE YOU!!! and then Jenni's Bachelorette shower was that night and that was QUITE THE TREAT! haha so entertaining i love DUFF! so much. so fun.

So thats basicly my life in a nut shell. and yesterday we think we might have found our apartment! in the avenues. its very cute and little. but i love it! i am excited. EXCITING TIMES! MISS YOU MOM IN TEXAS!