Monday, June 29, 2009

Home sweet home!!

Me and Trent went on a 5 hour drive to IDAHO this weekend. Although it was pretty fun we were pretty tired from all the driving. We went swimming all day Saturday with my little bro and sis and then that night got some SIZZLER and then went to BED time. it was alot of fun and appreciate my dad letting us stay there. I miss those kids

I still feel so lucky me and Trent got each other. He was such a doll and such a good sport when he got FRIED at the pool on his stomach. i feel SO BAD! but he's tough. We had so much fun just laughing and relaxing and we got a few more things done for the WEDDING! only 104 more days! I am SOOOOOOOO EXCITED!

Friday, June 26, 2009


Well, me and the fiance are off to Idaho to see my dad! WHOO wish us luck on this drive! haha we might need it! :)


I AM SO HAPPY!!! I THINK I FOUND MY INVITATION DESIGN.....a bit different. but pretty similar. I love them! I am meeting with the wonderful Katie Henderson today! WHOOOO GO ME!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Well I am so excited to start assistant coaching at Brighton. This week we went down to Orem for the Precision Dance Camp and it was really a great camp. I was really impressed for the time I got to see. Which sadly wasn't to much! I only got to go down at night. but it was alot of fun to meet them and get to know Katie a bit more.

They are truely amazing and have so much talent I am so proud to be involved with them!
And they know how to have fun! basicly they are the funniest group of girls haha!!! i love them to pieces. I'll post a pic later!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


By the way good news!!! just found out that my fabric for my mom to make my dress is IN! BEING SENT TODAY! thank goodness!!!!!

Where to START!

Well. Things are so great! I am so happy we are FINALLY engaged. we have been keeping it a secret for a while now! the Wedding is on October 9th! And I am SO EXCITED! we are getting married in the SLC temple and then doing our reception at the Point, huntsman cancer institute, its a beautiful place! I have the greatest friends in the world and a great sister who already has a date for my shower! The CRIMSON LINE one is September 10 and the family one for my mom's side is on Sept. 12. two in one week! haha it will be fun though.

So I have a new job at a place called OfferWeb. I really enjoy it. I am doing a good job I feel like at picking up the new job and understanding what I do. Its just a complicated process so it can be a bit frustrating.

Recently I just got the job at Brighton High School as the assitant coach for the drill team. I am SO excited. I love Katie and Haeli and the girls. We went down to camp in Provo this week at the Precision camp which was alot of fun. Something I really enjoyed. So this is all becoming an amazing ride. I wouldn't take anything back for the world.

Miss Utah was AMAZING!!!! this needs a whole blog. It was alot of stress and very tiring and thinking you could be in top ten and not making it was hard. but I performed my very best and enjoyed every minute. I LOVED doing my dance and it felt like the best i ever had done it! THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO CAME! seriously it meant the world to me.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


These past few months have been NUTS!!! Trying to get ready for Miss Utah and trying to plan my wedding secretly! but yet loudly haha! I am so excited to get married.

Trent Surprised me on Saturday night after working on my shoes for Show Me Your Shoes all day long and told me we were going to dinner before I went to Miss Utah to spend some time together. I hadn't showered or put on makeup all day long and Trent told me to put some make up on so that I looked nice for pictures while we were out that night. I was a little taken back by that but NOW appreciate the heads up haha!
So we went to Cafe Treng, OUR FAVORITE RESTAURANT and had a GREAT dinner and then left for Gilgel Park i think its called. haha. then we went to Temple Square and got to just hang out and enjoy our special SPOT that we both immediately walked too.
He was so romantic and sweet the whole night like he always is. I kept saying i was super cold so after about an hour and a half we left and he asked me to decide what I wanted to do the whole night, so I said go rent a movie and cuddle and eat popcorn! i WAS EXHAUSTED. so we go to the car, and then we started heading a different way but of course i didn't question him. So we ended up down the street from Memory Grove and we started on our walk! haha it took about 10 minutes to walk there and as we got there he was stalling I now know, and he kept telling me to look on this memorial wall for Bryson and Lowe. but he was texting his sister which I had no IDEA! then we walked over to the Main site at Memory Grove and as we walked up there was candles and pictures in chronological order of our dating past and as we got to the top I was crying and there was Roses at the top and an empty frame!
So background info when Trent told me he loved me he told me by saying a bunch of things and ending with I think I really really like you and I think I am really in Love with you. and I responded with I know I like you and I know I love you.

So with that said he kept saying he can't wait to be my husband and he's so proud of me and I wasn't expecting him to propose until after Miss Utah honestly. and then we looked at me and said I think I really really LOVE You and I think I wanna Marry YOU! and then I of course said I know i LOVE YOU and I KNOW I WANNA MARRY YOU! and then he got done on one knee and asked me to marry him! ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE! I will update later about more! :)