Sunday, August 3, 2008


okay. so here we go.

I actually did it. I can't belive it still. It was one of the funnest things I have ever done and the best part about it is I was completely me. and MY ATTENDANTS ROCK MY SOCKS.they are the best ever. and always there to help me. So I just love being able to do everything. except I'll be honest just to back up. when I had Draper Days all week like two weeks ago- i probably could've just cried all day. it was long and hard and little boys are mean! but I raised 150 dollars! YEAH GO NATIONAL GUARD FAMILY ASSOCIATION! oh and thanks arial for you being my best friend and madi for you being my best friend. and thanks mac for being around for me but still being a flake. oh and thanks Tash, Ash, Lo, Whitt, hmmm those are my besties. oh and Allyse and Cherise i miss you! i do. so maybe visit. thanks. oh and on Saturday thanks to everyone who came and ran the 5k. it was fun. i'll put pics up as well. so fun. I ran it in 33 minutes. haha shame on me. here comes pics haha

-Won Miss Draper on June 14

-Now onto doing all my community service for the military families!

-running 5k's and shooting guns and riding mechanical bulls.

-thanks mom for all your support for this. its not just me that gets it all done!

-ugh to being nervous to actually get everything done.

-thanks vic and ash. thumbs up to you


pay back SUCKS! haha love you SEANY!

The New Team at a BBQ at Kallee's. Love me and Kallee's sick pics we always end up taking

So one of my big adventures this year is Miss Draper. wow I still can't believe I won and how much work it is. Pageant was on JUNE 14! so glad its over but the work has only just begun. oh and to make everything better I tried out for CRIMSON LINE again. 3rd year baby. big things coming up this year. OCTOBER-NEXT JULY AND AUGUST. ugh. don't even wanna think about it! crazy life. I can't believe school starts in less then a month. makes me sad that this summer went by so fast! I feel like I was in Hawaii last week and stressing over the Miss D. pageant. hmmm here is pics of new team C-LINE 2008-2009. love every new girl! they are so fun and I just can't wait for Band Camp to spend lots of time together! by the way I was way excited I won Go For It dancer at my dance camp we all go too! 3rd year is a charm. Ashley's mommy made us this cake too. it was so cute. and I really respect that it was a brunette! haha JK!


Well I wanted to make this mostly to be involved ha but also because I keep getting told I need to document everything I am doing with Miss D. for when we make my scrapbook. so here you go No no Nanette to read this! I honestly am not sure where to start so here I go!