Tuesday, July 27, 2010


This weekend we went to the ManU game vs. Kansas City Wizards and it was SO FUN. We had third row seats and Trent was in heaven. We left Saturday afternoon and drove to St. Louis and stayed with my cousin and had a great dinner. Then left Sunday morning and drove to Kansas City, did lunch and went to the game then it was off to the LONG drive home through the night. Poor Trent married someone who CAN'T drive it at night. but I somehow stayed awake the entire time with him and talked to him. We got back at 4 a.m. and trent was up at 8 am for work. Miserable but so worth it!

Thats our life recently and today I am unpacking more and playing with the baby!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Life in Memphis

Things are going so great. My last day of my old job was June 22 and I was very sad to leave but ready for some fun. I went to Atlanta on the 24th to see Trent. We had a great time and I got to meet our great friends for the next 2 years! They were so fun and welcoming. The Friday after I got there Tasha, Cherise, and Tash's sister Stacy took me to Coke Factory and just a fun day with the girls. It was a lot of fun. The rest of the weekend went great spending time with Trent. I then left to Boston with my aunt Nanette on Monday for the next 13 days! It was a great road trip and great memories. I went through 10 states on that drive.
I then spent a few days in Wrenthum MA which was BEAUTFIUL and a personal pool. So relaxing. Then I went to Millis MA my Uncles house and spent the night there with him and my parents. It was great to see my mommy. :) We went to Boston and shopped and went on a duck tour. It was a lot of fun. Missed you Trent!
After that I spent a week in Cape Cod with my family and had a fabulous time. We spent a day in Nantucket and Marthas Vineyard. Nantucket was the highlight of my trip. I had a great time riding a scooter around the island and hanging with my cousins. Cape Cod brought some great times with my grandparents and my family. Things I will forever cherish in my heart. I got to know them a lot more and see a different side!
We left on Saturday for Boston to return home. As we were headed to the airport we were stuck in a FLOOD of downpoor. It was insane. Underneath the brides it was SO HIGH And so scary to drive. The water went to my chins. SO CRAZY.
We finally got going and I arrived to SLC at about 11 PM and Trent had gotten home at about 4 PM.
We finally reunited. AMAZING. I missed my hubby. I love him so much. We then spent Sunday driving to our old ward downtown and visiting our friends and then off to Trents parents for lunch and then off to my parents for dinner. We had the Mortons and Meliss's family over and it was a great time to spend with the family. Monday we then spent all day with Trents family and running errands. It was a lot of fun. Tuesday we went to the temple with Christi and she received her endowments. It was a great time and fun to be in the temple. We then headed down to Provo to my moms work and spent some time with her. Then we had MORE errands. And dinner with the family to celebrate birthdays we will miss. We had cake and ice cream and everyone over at my moms that night for one last goodbye.
Goodbyes are never easy and I found that increasingly hard when leaving my mom and sister and Annie. Now I LOVe my family my whole family but there is something about the connection me my mom and melissa have. We are very fortunate I feel as if we are the three musketeers. I love them. ME and Melissa didn't take the goodbye thing easy for the least to say. It was sad and hard. But she promised to come in october and see me with the family. Then it was one last cry with mom before I left. I will never feel that much sadness and hurt then that day. I love them and am so happy they have been so supportive and can't wait for them to come visit. Which will be so soon. I am counting down.
More to come soon.....

We then left for the Cape on Saturday and spent the rest of my time there! It was a blast. We had a great Beach House except it smelled of sea weed! It was GROSS! But we had a great time. Spent a day on Marthas Vineyard with the grandparents and me. Then went to Nantucket which was the highlight! WE rode scooters and just had a great time enjoying each others company. We packed up a week later and went home. It was nice to go home and spend a few days. It was hectic. We did church at our old ward, a missionary discussion, lunch at the Lowe's and dinner at the Maacks. INSANE day. but so fun on that Sunday. Then Monday we ran errands, went shopping, went to lunch, went to dinner and out to the Lowes. A fun day indeed. Tuesday morning we were up early and off to the temple for Christi to recieve her endowments. Then off to Provo, get a physical, dinner with the fam, and cake and ice cream to celebrate birthdays! WHOO long days. Then we were off the next morning to Memphis. We took Trents cousin with us because he was going to St. Louis and so it was off we go. We stopped in Lincoln NE and stayed the night in a GREAT hotel. Jack was so good the whole way. I was so happy. Then it was back on the road Thursday to our final destination. We dropped Charlie off at about 4 p.m. in St. Louis and hit the home stretch. Well we finally arrived so excited so on our way we grabbed a pizza and OF COURSE our power had been shut off. So it was HOT HUMID AND BUGGY! Not fun. We saw a few bugs that Jack of course started eating and thats when I said we are not staying here. We have NO money for a hotel so we bunked at our friend Traci's for the night and got up bright and early to get the power on, which don't worry they added a $50 dollar installation and a $125 deposit. AWESOME! :) So well whatever. we had power and AC importantly. I was then off to get ready for my interview with a dental office. We met at a BEAUTIFUL building called the Crescent Club. It was very rich and ritzy. Very fun. The interview went so well and yet he called Sunday and told me I didn't get it.

So to make things better after church Sunday which was good but small, we went to get Trent's bag from his roommate from Atlanta. The IDIOT said he didn't know he was taking Trent's bag when the night before he had told him he would so Trent's items were left in Atlanta. It was his Sig Ep blanket, the puzzle I sent him for his birthday, our sheets, and then in his Nike bag it was 3 pairs of Zara slacks, 2 Dress shirts, his black shoes, his polo shirt, his scriptures from when he was 12, and his black belt and I am sure much more but we are not sure off the top of our heads. Oh and the iron. So now we are out like 400 dollars in items for Trent. So that has been fun to deal with. Lets just say I HATE THE KID who did this. I will continue to never be nice to him and give him dirty looks. He is a scum bag.

So Saturday after we got power going our friends came over and we did dinner for them! It was a lot of fun. The night before Trent's friend John and his girlfriend Jen had stayed here cause they didn't have a bed yet or couch, so we have had everyone here. Then Saturday night we went to to Inception after everyone left. It was a lot of fun to get out and do something! Sunday came so soon. We had a rough day so our buddy Tom took us to dinner at Moe's a mexican grill here. It was a lot of fun and pretty good. Then Monday started and we were back to Trent being gone all day. I still haven't gotten any interviews, so I stay home all day and clean, hang things up, unpack and watch trashy shows that Trent won't watch with me! :) I don't mind it all to much. Jack has been pretty good and pretty funny. So its been good. Well this is a long one so enjoy it! I'll post pics soon! PS we went to a RED birds game last night and it really was pretty fun!