Monday, August 17, 2009

Here we go!

Where to start. Well we are now down to 54 days. INSANE!
  • I changed all my wedding colors last wednesday
  • have had 2 dentist appointments that have KILLED
  • trent got 7 staples in his head from passing out.
  • Changed my bridals date cause dress isn't done
  • my camera got stolen :( mean guy who broke into my car
  • went to the REAL game with Madi SO FUN
  • Trent went to Orlando
  • I went to NY for work. UGH long trip
  • We spent 8 days away. i missed him but he is home now. life is good.
  • the wedding is so soon. still have a few things to do!
  • anyone know where to get some sticks???
  • anyone know of a good bridal shop for a veil????
Ah. life is crazy will update more soon. LOVE TRENT SO MUCH and so happy all my friends will be involved! :)