Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve

Today I am sad and done. I will be ready to go for 2011. Cross my fingers. I just need to be mad.

Thursday, December 30, 2010


So I am employed through a temp agency and they have me at a bank here in Memph town. Well, I knew it might not be permanent and found out today, IT WASN'T PERMANENT. As a matter of fact tomorrow is my LAST day.

I got a call over Christmas time when we were in Utah from another temp agency telling me that they wanted to submit my resume for an Executive Admin job in East Memphis. Well I work in East Memphis so I told her that and how I work at Independent Bank. She replied with oh they job is at Ibank. either me or the other girl were going to lose our job. Naive me thought it was the other girl. I was wrong. I never had them submit my resume because I didn't want to lose my job and cause problems. I spoke to the HR Manager today and told her the situation and she said well Emily, you need to sit down. So I did. She then went on to tell me how the other girl was filling in until they found someone permanent for the Executive Admin, and when they do the other girl will take back her old job which is my job. So then where does that leave Emily? UNEMPLOYED. I should have expected it with working temporary but the fact they weren't going to tell me til tomorrow makes me a bit upset. Oh well, at least I can sub and hopefully the temp agency will place me elsewhere. In the time being we are accepting any donations. Big or small. Food or toilet paper.

Also, for Christmas I got a gift card to Taco Bell so tonight we decided to go get some food. We were eating and in a hurry so I started to scarf my beef hard shell taco. I started choking. A big piece had gotten stuck in my throat. I started to cry not knowing what to do. Keep me in mind we went in to eat. Trent is trying to pat my back so I start coughing and the old people behind us are starting to freak out. I decide to run to the bathroom and try to throw it up. Gross I know but I did. I didn't get it up but I did clear my airway a little bit more. My throat and mouth are now swollen and hurt. Needless to say tonight has not been my night. Wish me luck that my mouth doesn't swell in my sleep! :)

Happy New Year

Well, once you think you have things under control and made it through the toughest times, you get called into the temporary managers office and they tell you tomorrow is your last day. Happy Freaking New Year. So I am unemployed as of Monday. We don't know what we will do or where I will find a job, but we do know that now is a time of faith and letting my heavenly father be there for me to help guide us in this time of need. I am so greatful for Trent and how supportive he is. The situation is sticky ugly and just unprofessional so yes we are shocked. Can we make it? YES! We are very blessed and are going to move forward from here and do the best that we can with what we have. Hopefully there will be subbing jobs all next week and I can sub! We can make pretty good money to live off of until then. So cross your fingers.

Ask me if we have a student loan due on the 17th of this month??? OF COURSE!
When life sucks, it sucks bad. It's a shitty day and yet it keeps on coming.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Who shops at JcPenney or is planning on it? We had to return some items and could only get in store credit but are looking into selling the in store credit so we can buy a wii game! If you are interested comment me.


Here I am at work while my cute husband is at home in bed sleeping. Sad day for Emily. We find out in less then 3 weeks if I was accepted to Teach For America and boy is the anticipation killing me. Looking forward to Friday for a half day and getting to spend time playing my wii and watching Netflix movies on there!

P.S. Congrats to my good friend Katie Henderson for being featured in the Utah Style and Design Magazine. She is amazing, go check her out at

I had another blog and I plan on transfering all the photos from that blog to here then you can see more of what she has done. I am hoping one day I'll get a discount on our housing design! :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Back to the grind.

I went back to work today, and for those who do not know I got clip in extensions again. I kinda assumed the women in my office would notice my hair and yet not one did, BUT 4 of the men in my office did.
My favorite was:
B: " Did your hair grow really fast since I last saw you?"
E: Yeah that's what Utah weather does to ya.
B: No really, didn't you have short hair?
E: Well it was kinda shorter but not way shorter.
B: I am going crazy.

Then I told him the truth. Made me laugh and happy that someone noticed at least.
We got a WII for Christmas and we set it up today and I went out and bought Trent the Cabellas Dangerous Hunts Game. He LOVES it for a small amount of time. If you know my husband really well you are probably shocked just as much as I am that he likes the video game so much. We played the canoeing, biking, and sword fighting tonight. I LOVE IT! It was a great workout too. Very excited to have it. Trent kept getting on me because he thought I was going to hit the TV when I was playing the sword fighting game. When we were in Utah we played my mom's wii a lot and she had the GLEE karaoke game. For some reason I decided to make a fool of myself and sing the Dream Girls song that Mercades sang, "You're gonna love me". It was a blast and everyone got a good laugh out of my craziness and making myself look like an idiot. My cousin had said I can't believe you'll do that in front of your husband! Isn't that what being married for eternity is all about? Making a fool of yourself so that your husband realizes he is stuck with you? Hopefully Trent found it funny. :) We had a lot of fun and I am working on Trent to buy it for me now! :) CROSSING MY FINGERS! so everyone please send a comment or a facebook post to him telling him to get me the game for New Years.

I am off to bed hoping to get some good sleep and that my back will feel better in the morn. Glad that Memphis is quite tonight and we will get some relaxing sleep.

Goodnight Memphis/Salt Lake City.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas has been fabulous this year! Trent and I decided to get each other pea coats this fall when we were in Chicago for our Christmas presents. Trent then decided to be amazing and bought me a pair of red canvas TOMS that I love and have wanted. We have been visiting in Utah since the 18th and spent lots of times with good friends. I am so glad we came and were able to spend the time here. The beginning of our trip we went to one of our favorite spots, Off Broadway Theatre for a comedy club, had many nights of dinners with friends at our favorite restraunts, and spent a lot of time with family. We went to our annual dinner "Hog Nog n' Log" on Wednesday and had a fabulous time with friends and family. My dad came up from Idaho and spent some time with us also which was a lot of fun. Trent and I went up to Brighton ski resort on Tuesday and went snowboarding for the first time in 5 years for each of us! It was a great time and even better we got half off.

My sister has a little girl named Annie that will be 2 in January and Trent, my mom and I took her to the aquarium Tuesday afternoon. She LOVES it. Just likes to walk around and look. I have been so grateful for all the time I have been able to spend with her. She lights up my life.

We took our "little" friends Lia and Sophia ice skating on Wednesday afternoon, which was a workout in itself. They are the sweetest little girls and so fun to be with.
Thursday night we went to sushi with my good friend Katie Henderson. I was SO excited to see her and had been counting down the moments! Made this trip worth it! :) Thanks for coming and mingling with us for countless hours.

Sunday we did family pictures with my in-laws and went to the annual Herrick Christmas party and did games all night! We have been exhausted and ready for a break this whole week.

For Christmas Eve we spent the day and night at the Lowe's house and had the annual weenie roast and opened presents! Trent and I were SPOILED ROTTEN. To start it off, we got fun gadgets and gizmos in our stockings and I got a food processor, jumper cable pack, and a WII!!!!! NO WAY! I was so excited. Trent got Itunes gift cards, jumped cable pack, and A LOT OF TOOLS that were needed, and he was so excited for them. We had a great Christmas with the Lowe's and are grateful for all they did for us this year!

Christmas day we woke up and opened presents with the Maack/Tabish family. I had already gotten my present (extensions) from my mom and Jim, makeup, some dress clothes, Taco Bell giftcards, and an adorable headband. I am very happy to have them! Trent got money, subway giftcards, ties, a "drift" car, other nerf type toys, and a Sig Ep blanket. We are very grateful for friends and family this holiday season and love them all.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Handy Dandy

My husband is fabulous. He can fix and do anything. Tonight he fixed his truck that has been not working for a few days. I don't know details other then I am good at holding a flash light but I am so proud of him for being so creative and smart. Go Babe!

Do we really??

This is based a bit of Mockingjay if you have read the book! Thanks Peeta!

I live in Memphis. Real

I haven't seen Annie or the family since July. Real

I am flying home Saturday. Real

It might snow in Memphis on Saturday. Real

I might not make it home. Not real. I will find a way.

We have no money for Xmas but are spending it anyway. Real

Trent is taking our dog on the plane instead of me. Real, poor guy.

I find out about TFA in 5 weeks. Real

It doesn't feel like Christmas is in 11 days because I am so focused on getting home. Real

I will have pretty long hair again in 11 days! Real maybe even sooner!

Glad to know my thoughts are all realistic this week!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

He is good....SO GOOD!

My new job leaves me with NOTHING TO DO! meaning I am bored and should probably not be lazy and learn how to be cool and blog better.

I read on that everytime she hears Carrie's song (yes we are friends, me and Carrie) that she thinks of her hub and it made me tear up. I love my hub and I don't care if any of you hate the word HUB or HUBBY then all i have to say to you is hub hub hub hubby hubs hubbers! eat that!

I just thought i'd update we are only 12 days away until I return to the SLC and enjoy some great times with friends and family. Trent and I got each other coats in Chicago for Christmas and I will post them later when I am at home. So other then that our XMAS is our family time and being appreciative to each other. AND BRINGING JACK WITH US!

I love my HUB

Monday, December 6, 2010


There have been some times this past year that have for sure tested my patience and my ability to stay calm and not completely attack people like I typically would. Reality is...yes I am a brat and selfish, and I typically want things to go my way. BUT when I am trying to have things work for you as well, don't be a bitch and try to understand I am TRYING and you put effort forward as well.

I have let go of a few really close friends this year. It's been sad and hard but looking back worth it. Don't make me want to let go of you as well. I have realized that I must grow in order for me to get a long with others as well. I MUST CHANGE. I am so thankful for my husband who has helped me realize the qualities that I want to have in myself and in my children one day. I know that by being an example I will have a better chance of them turning out okay. I love my mom and sister for all the lessons and strengths they have given me. They showed me that being an independant woman is important and I pride myself in saying for majority of my life I have been pretty INDEPENDANT! "All the women who independent throw your hands up at me!" Thanks Beyonce. I am ready to have 2011 be one of the greatest years for me. I plan to learn a lot, study hard, try hard, and trust and believe in myself. Something I haven't done.

While we don't have plans for kids or a house for maybe 5 years plus I strongly believe Trent and I have started a strong life and family together here in Memphis. We plan on continuing it at our pace and enjoying life. I know I feel awkward at times cause one, we live in Memphis and are mormon, two we live in Memphis and don't have kids, and three we don't drink. That leaves not to many things to do here. So what do we do? We cuddle up on Friday nights and tickle each others backs and enjoy the fact that we have each other. I love Trent, especially has strengthened lately. He has been my back bone while I hated my job and came home each night and cried he just let me, and then eventually let me quit. Three days later I got a job. The LORD loves us. I have a testimony in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and without that I wonder where we might be now......

Thanks for my blessings and my wonderful dog and husband. I love them more then life itself. I'd die without them.

Long or Short

Should I get extensions or cut my hair short again?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Update on Life

Well I made the blog private. I don't want randoms looking at my life anymore. Things are going well here.

I quit my job at J Hunt Home for a lot of reasons, mainly the boss and the direct supervisor was a shady person and wasn't getting along with her. So therefore I quit last week. Trent and I spent the weekend in Nashville for Thanksgiving with my aunt Nanette and her family and some close friends. It was a lot of fun and we got to have a home cooked meal and eat SHOE FLY PIE! My FAV! We also ran a 5k on Thanksgiving morning. Huge shock I know. We had a blast. We went shopping for black Friday and had a great time. Unfortunately due to unemployment we didn't get to really shop. But we did get a printer and we are way excited.

I just found out today after having my interview at 8:00 A.M. that I got a job at Independent Bank about 5 minutes from my house! I am SO HAPPY! It pays great and better yet I get paid weekly for a while so that will be nice to have instant money. Thank you OFFICETEAM! We have been very blessed. I will be working at this job for as long as they will keep me or until we are back on our feet and I decide to Substitute teach. I never knew how tough this move would be but again I am greatful for a very supportive husband and a great family and puppy who are with me every step of the way.

I am very excited to announce I was accepted to Memphis Teaching Fellows teaching middle school! I will start in June and the training is here in Memphis. If I am accepted to Teach For America I will take that position instead and then Trent will apply for a job at the institute in Atlanta so that we both can be together for those 6 weeks. I feel very good about being accepted but yet you never know.

We leave in 12 days to come home! I am SOOOO EXCITED! I really have not been this excited for a long time. I crave CAFE RIO and Zupas EVERY DAY! I need it in my life and stomach. We plan on seeing everyone that we can so it will be a crammed trip.
Thanks for keeping up on us, I'll be better about blogging!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

What a week.

Monday was a great day. I had a great conversation with my best friend of about 11 years, talking about his new girls and just everything like we always have. Tuesday morning I woke up and looked at facebook saw a post from his brother saying Dad you will be missed. I immediately freaked out and wanted to talk to him to know what happened. It was 6 A.M. Memphis time which is 5 A.M. SLC time. So I waited, and waited. Then I called and the horrible truth came. His dad died that morning. I was heartbroken. Not for me but for him. I just wanted to be there to give him a hug and let him know it will be okay. I just want everyone to remember how blessed we are and always say I love you. Time goes way to quick for you to let one hug or kiss go by. I love my family and Trent for everything they do for me. I love my best friends who are there for thick and thin. I am so lucky to be on this earth and will always remember that. Say I love you to a friend today. Have a good day everyone.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mom in town!

This past weekend was fabulous having my mom in town. She arrive Friday night at about 6:25 ish and we went to our house to get Trent and show her around. Of course Jack was SO excited to see grandma. Then we went to dinner at a BBQ place called Central. It was GREAT. We had a great time and then went home to get some rest. Saturday morning we woke up and got ready for some dunkin donuts. Me and Trent have been saving for a dryer so my mom went with us to find a good one. We then went and got donuts and COOLADAS which were amazing. My mom has a costco card and we don't so she took me to costco to get a few things while Trent set up the dryer. Then we stopped by Target to grab a few cleaning supplies and we were off to Beale Street. We went to Blue City Cafe it was delicious. We had a great time just talking and being downtown and looking around. I am so glad we went. Then we went home and rested for a bit, and stopped at Hobby Lobby for some stands for my house, and then went to Steak and Shake. SO YUMMY! Tom met us there for dinner so that was fun for her to meet our friend. We spent Sunday going to church and primary where I teach and my sweet mother cried when they sang to her because she was so sad she would be leaving. My kids definetly didn't understand what was going on. That night we rested and did laundry and my mom taught me to make steaks over the pan and oven. They were so yummy, I will definetly do that again. Monday I had to go to work, and then got off at 11:30 and me and mom went to lunch at Moe's Southwest Grill and then went to a few more stops. Then it was off to the airport. Hardest thing ever. Broke my heart. I will miss her and appreciate all the time we spent together her. I love you mom. See you soon!

Monday, October 18, 2010

1st Anniversary

Life is going so well for us. I have a new job and Trent is a great teacher. It has been a lot of fun for us to move here to Memphis. We went to a restaraunt called Flight for our anniversary. It was incredible. So nice and yes WAY EXPENSIVE! it was worth every penny though! We are loving life out here and enjoying being together more. We are happy we made it one year and an eternity to go!

Monday, August 9, 2010


Well another week! here we go. We still have bug problems and if they don't go away I might be tempted to start living in my car. I hate them THAT BAD. They are horrible. And miserable. I lost it Friday night when I was walking down stairs and TRIPPED.

Anyways Trent started school today! I AM SO PROUD! I am trying to get hired as a substitute teacher and then we can have similar jobs! WHOOO. So cross your fingers. It has been SO Hard finding a job but I am so happy I have Jack during the day.

We are happy and in love more then ever so we are good. No one worry. We miss home! Love everyone!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

What's NEW??

Bug bites, big freaking roaches, and hot hot heat.

I am still unemployed. FINALLY got an interview for Monday and I am going to apply to be a substitute teacher as well. :) Cross your fingers.

Most of the days me and Jack spend the day locked in our room away from BUGS and no where they can get me. I am a spaz.

I had a break down the other day because I saw a roach on my couch where I had been laying! UGH so I had to go find my new friend Rod who yes could have been an axe murderer but I really didn't care. :) He came and killed the bug and now we are still just in the process of being sure we are on the front end for any battle with the ROACH.

I miss Utah. but I love it here with my husband. We have gone to the temple twice and it has been incredible such a great spirit. Pray for us. and me getting a job. GO MEMPHIS

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


This weekend we went to the ManU game vs. Kansas City Wizards and it was SO FUN. We had third row seats and Trent was in heaven. We left Saturday afternoon and drove to St. Louis and stayed with my cousin and had a great dinner. Then left Sunday morning and drove to Kansas City, did lunch and went to the game then it was off to the LONG drive home through the night. Poor Trent married someone who CAN'T drive it at night. but I somehow stayed awake the entire time with him and talked to him. We got back at 4 a.m. and trent was up at 8 am for work. Miserable but so worth it!

Thats our life recently and today I am unpacking more and playing with the baby!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Life in Memphis

Things are going so great. My last day of my old job was June 22 and I was very sad to leave but ready for some fun. I went to Atlanta on the 24th to see Trent. We had a great time and I got to meet our great friends for the next 2 years! They were so fun and welcoming. The Friday after I got there Tasha, Cherise, and Tash's sister Stacy took me to Coke Factory and just a fun day with the girls. It was a lot of fun. The rest of the weekend went great spending time with Trent. I then left to Boston with my aunt Nanette on Monday for the next 13 days! It was a great road trip and great memories. I went through 10 states on that drive.
I then spent a few days in Wrenthum MA which was BEAUTFIUL and a personal pool. So relaxing. Then I went to Millis MA my Uncles house and spent the night there with him and my parents. It was great to see my mommy. :) We went to Boston and shopped and went on a duck tour. It was a lot of fun. Missed you Trent!
After that I spent a week in Cape Cod with my family and had a fabulous time. We spent a day in Nantucket and Marthas Vineyard. Nantucket was the highlight of my trip. I had a great time riding a scooter around the island and hanging with my cousins. Cape Cod brought some great times with my grandparents and my family. Things I will forever cherish in my heart. I got to know them a lot more and see a different side!
We left on Saturday for Boston to return home. As we were headed to the airport we were stuck in a FLOOD of downpoor. It was insane. Underneath the brides it was SO HIGH And so scary to drive. The water went to my chins. SO CRAZY.
We finally got going and I arrived to SLC at about 11 PM and Trent had gotten home at about 4 PM.
We finally reunited. AMAZING. I missed my hubby. I love him so much. We then spent Sunday driving to our old ward downtown and visiting our friends and then off to Trents parents for lunch and then off to my parents for dinner. We had the Mortons and Meliss's family over and it was a great time to spend with the family. Monday we then spent all day with Trents family and running errands. It was a lot of fun. Tuesday we went to the temple with Christi and she received her endowments. It was a great time and fun to be in the temple. We then headed down to Provo to my moms work and spent some time with her. Then we had MORE errands. And dinner with the family to celebrate birthdays we will miss. We had cake and ice cream and everyone over at my moms that night for one last goodbye.
Goodbyes are never easy and I found that increasingly hard when leaving my mom and sister and Annie. Now I LOVe my family my whole family but there is something about the connection me my mom and melissa have. We are very fortunate I feel as if we are the three musketeers. I love them. ME and Melissa didn't take the goodbye thing easy for the least to say. It was sad and hard. But she promised to come in october and see me with the family. Then it was one last cry with mom before I left. I will never feel that much sadness and hurt then that day. I love them and am so happy they have been so supportive and can't wait for them to come visit. Which will be so soon. I am counting down.
More to come soon.....

We then left for the Cape on Saturday and spent the rest of my time there! It was a blast. We had a great Beach House except it smelled of sea weed! It was GROSS! But we had a great time. Spent a day on Marthas Vineyard with the grandparents and me. Then went to Nantucket which was the highlight! WE rode scooters and just had a great time enjoying each others company. We packed up a week later and went home. It was nice to go home and spend a few days. It was hectic. We did church at our old ward, a missionary discussion, lunch at the Lowe's and dinner at the Maacks. INSANE day. but so fun on that Sunday. Then Monday we ran errands, went shopping, went to lunch, went to dinner and out to the Lowes. A fun day indeed. Tuesday morning we were up early and off to the temple for Christi to recieve her endowments. Then off to Provo, get a physical, dinner with the fam, and cake and ice cream to celebrate birthdays! WHOO long days. Then we were off the next morning to Memphis. We took Trents cousin with us because he was going to St. Louis and so it was off we go. We stopped in Lincoln NE and stayed the night in a GREAT hotel. Jack was so good the whole way. I was so happy. Then it was back on the road Thursday to our final destination. We dropped Charlie off at about 4 p.m. in St. Louis and hit the home stretch. Well we finally arrived so excited so on our way we grabbed a pizza and OF COURSE our power had been shut off. So it was HOT HUMID AND BUGGY! Not fun. We saw a few bugs that Jack of course started eating and thats when I said we are not staying here. We have NO money for a hotel so we bunked at our friend Traci's for the night and got up bright and early to get the power on, which don't worry they added a $50 dollar installation and a $125 deposit. AWESOME! :) So well whatever. we had power and AC importantly. I was then off to get ready for my interview with a dental office. We met at a BEAUTIFUL building called the Crescent Club. It was very rich and ritzy. Very fun. The interview went so well and yet he called Sunday and told me I didn't get it.

So to make things better after church Sunday which was good but small, we went to get Trent's bag from his roommate from Atlanta. The IDIOT said he didn't know he was taking Trent's bag when the night before he had told him he would so Trent's items were left in Atlanta. It was his Sig Ep blanket, the puzzle I sent him for his birthday, our sheets, and then in his Nike bag it was 3 pairs of Zara slacks, 2 Dress shirts, his black shoes, his polo shirt, his scriptures from when he was 12, and his black belt and I am sure much more but we are not sure off the top of our heads. Oh and the iron. So now we are out like 400 dollars in items for Trent. So that has been fun to deal with. Lets just say I HATE THE KID who did this. I will continue to never be nice to him and give him dirty looks. He is a scum bag.

So Saturday after we got power going our friends came over and we did dinner for them! It was a lot of fun. The night before Trent's friend John and his girlfriend Jen had stayed here cause they didn't have a bed yet or couch, so we have had everyone here. Then Saturday night we went to to Inception after everyone left. It was a lot of fun to get out and do something! Sunday came so soon. We had a rough day so our buddy Tom took us to dinner at Moe's a mexican grill here. It was a lot of fun and pretty good. Then Monday started and we were back to Trent being gone all day. I still haven't gotten any interviews, so I stay home all day and clean, hang things up, unpack and watch trashy shows that Trent won't watch with me! :) I don't mind it all to much. Jack has been pretty good and pretty funny. So its been good. Well this is a long one so enjoy it! I'll post pics soon! PS we went to a RED birds game last night and it really was pretty fun!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


How fortunate I am I that I get to go visit my hubster in 2 days and not only that but he has been talking me up to be some CELEBRITY at TFA and I am nervous as crap to step up to the plate!

Lets start here with an update. I know blog posts have been depressing. I am doing better, sorry about that! but techinically this is MY journal right? Well. we finally hired someone at the office. I am happy. She will be great but taht doesn't mean I didn't cry three times on Monday when I finished my final shift.
Funny things that have happened at my office are one of the partners is an older gentleman probably 65, maybe older, BUT SO WITH IT. He is hilarious. When he needs me he pulls my chair to his office, or jumps up and down at my desk until I give him attention. Makes for a good day. Then we have another older gentlemen and when I told him this was my last day he replied with oh good. haha Thanks.... glad you enjoyed having me here! He then said I am envious of your adventure and wish you luck. I needed that. Then we have my younger bosses and one eats ALL OF MY FOOD I bring. Funny to be honest but he really is such a good guy, and then we have my one other who ALWAYS is trying to find a way to make my job easier. These guys are SO successful but are still so respectful and willing to do the small things. I will miss them, THANK YOU GARDNER COMPANY FOR THE PAST YEAR!

Moving on, I can't WAIT to see Trent. It's sooooo close. So I am just being patient and waiting! I love him I can't wait to meet his friends and go to dinner and all just hang out. Then we are off to Cape Cod. Who's jealous??? That's right, YOU! haha it will be a blast and lots of good time with my family.

This week I babysat Annie on Monday and boy do I LOVE HER. She is so cute and so fun and a great personality. So much fun to cuddle hug and kiss. She was great. Then today we all went to the pool. So fun. she is a great little water baby so we had a good time splashing and playing in the water. :)

In honor of this week I am posting pics of my baby Annie, Jack, and my family and hubby. I LOVE YOU ALL.

Monday, June 14, 2010


So we are moving and I wanted to post where we'll be living in Memphis. We are in a town called East Memphis and its on the border of Germantown, where if you've seen Blindside the Touille's lived in that city.
We got a 3 bedroom townhouse and here it is!
and here is a picture of the front of our place,

Friday, June 11, 2010


I am headed to the vet to get Jack's cone and stitches out! wish us luck!

Monday, June 7, 2010


Well we move in like 5 weeks total. Should I be sad? Probably. Am I? Nope. Just miss my hubby.

This weekend was a lot of fun! I babysat my boss's kids and had a good time and then Saturday got to watch my baby annies. It was a greaet time. She is a hoot. So funny and exciting to be with. I will miss that baby. But when I get back she will be growing so fast and it will be so fun to see her! Love you ANNIES! SHOUT OUT! haha

I can't wait for Memphis and all the wonderful things it will bring! BBQ, nights on Beale Street, doggy park for Jack, but most importantly time with my hubs. We have been going going going since we got married so I am so ready for some us time. Although after all these training's he is going through I think the first little bit might be rough. Don't think we'll be seeing each other as much as I though for the first while. If anything, i'll become his assistant and help with school work so that we can still be doing something together. I hope he isn't getting used to me being gone cause buddy I will be as clingy as ever! :)

Now I am trying to find a job, spend time with friends and family, and enjoy my last few weeks here in Utah. I will miss my mommy, daddy, annie, and meliss and jim and will think about them all the time but they will be out to see me in October. They better at least. I think they will really enjoy where we live and the luscious green all around us. Thanks for everyones support! I will try to make the blogs happy from here on out! :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010


For weeks, even months, we have not had any calm days and yet this week has been just that, calm. Its been nice and relaxing but I have found I prefer a crazy life with my husband then a calm life without. The first day was hard. I cried all day long, second day got easier and third day I was doing really good till the night time phone call, and I lost it. I am back together again and feeling good so thanks to everyone who has been there for me. My puppy, parents, and some great friends. On Wednesday morning I got a text from a friend named Katie asking if she could stop by later that night. I of course love the company so said yes. Well at about 4:30 I get a call saying she is out front and is coming up to my office. I was excited to see someone and to have a friend by so I couldn't wait. She came up and walked in with a GORGEOUS flower in a vase and a card for me. She told me how she knows that this situation is so crappy and feels for me. Those few words went so far you'll never understand. The thought that someone went that out of there way for me meant so much. I am happy to know I have great friends thinking about me and appreciate it so much. We only have 3 weeks left till I get to see Trent so I am so happy and will keep truckin along. Thanks katie again for reminding me people are thinking about me. your amazing.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Where to begin? These last few weeks have sincerely been a blur. Lets rewind a little bit.

About 2 and half weeks ago, Dennis, Trent's dad, went into the hospital on a Friday night for kidney problems. We were able to go and see him a lot because he was at LDS in the Avenues and we lived just a few blocks away. That was May 14th. We continued to have very busy and stressful lives while preparing for the move. I worked extra hours and I judged almost every weekend on top of trying to spend all my time with him. Things were going great and we were doing our best to help Dennis. Then about a week later we realized Dennis wasn't getting out soon and Trent was scheduled to leave the next week for Memphis so we needed to figure something out so we could ensure he had someone with him. I immediately decided that I would be going with him. Like I would let anyone else. We arranged for me to get a Buddy pass with United from some of Trent's parents friends which was still $110 dollars and just another expense we weren't expecting. I was able to swtich my time off with my boss to be sure that I could go with him and have the office covered. Things weren't to bad we were making sure we didn't spend any money then we ccoudln't because of course a few weeks earlier we had bought a new King size mattress and a new bed frame for our new apartment with our graduation money. Oh and we bought tickets to the Manchester United game and the Notre Dame game. So we were all ready for all these trips and ran into a few different financial obligations but we will be okay.
Anyways moving on we were all set for me to go with Trent to Memphis which ended up being better and I was so excited to go with him. We did some dinners with friends and were able to go to our favorite comedy club for our last weekend and we got family pictures done! They turned out fabulous and fun to have. On our last weekend about 2 hours before we went to my moms house Jack jumped out of Trent's arms and ended up fracturing his knee and had to get surgery. There are more posts on that, but boy was it a pretty penny that we just didn't have. So I scheduled babysitters and the surgery and the rides for him everywhere and I was a little less stressed but it was just emotionally tiring. Then the following week I had a Dr. appt. I had to go to so I had to take more time off work to go, which is less money, and then Tuesday we had a wedding dinner and the night before we left we had a Wedding for my best friend Ashlee. I took a half day on Wednesday the day before we left so that I could be sure we got all the errands done while Trent packed all day with 4 of his friends. THANK YOU AGAIN! So I got home on Wednesday from all my errands around Salt Lake Valley at about 4 p.m. and had to be out to Draper at like 6 p.m. So we hurried and loaded up my car so that we could drop everything off and drop off all my clothes for the next 5 weeks while we were away. I went to Ashlees wedding which was great and she was so understanding to let me take off early, and so I went to meet Trent at my moms to get our bed frame and take it to our Penske truck downtown. We get going and yet realize we hadn't really tied down the bed but figured we'd be okay. Well we were wrong. We were on I-15 and the headboard went flying out of the truck and was completely smashed and hit on the freeway. At that point we were just DONE. We didn't know what to do. I called my mom she told us to head back to her house I decided we'd trying going straight to IKEA and so we met there and I went inside bawling to the worker and told her my story and after about 15 minutes of searching bless her heart she was able to find us the exact same headboard but in a different color. It was so nice of her and we were so thankful. We tied it down all the way and were able to get home and get it loaded. We had Trent's family over for a bit and they helped clean and get things prepared and got his Truck loaded on the trailer and we finally made it to bed at about 1:30 a.m.
It was a long night and we were planning on going to bed at like 10 so we could be off at 5 a.m. and that didn't happen. So we slept in till 6 a.m. and were off. We stopped in Park City and got some breakfast and then the 33 hour drive began. There were some good things. Gas was a lot cheaper, we were able to spend time together, the truck had great A.C. and wonderful leather seats. We were so exhausted so we stopped in Burlington, Colorado at about 10 p.m. and slept and were on the road by 6 a.m. I was so worried about Jack but knew his surgery would go well. We drove and drove and drove all day long. I hate Oklahoma and Kansas's roads. Ridiculous. They were so bumpy and out of control. We didn't really have any issues on the drive and we arrived to Memphis at about 12:30 a.m. on Saturday early morning. We didn't see a ton but it was pretty cool. So we made it to our hotel in Germantown on the East side of Memphis and stayed the night in a nice hotel. We were exhausted. We got up at about 8 a.m. and were off to appointments for apartments. As we were leaving we stopped to get gas and of course Trent's truck wouldn't start. We didn't know what happened and asked someone to give us a jump and because we needed to get to these appointments. Everyone was very nice there and always willing to help. So we got the car going and were off. We decided to leave the truck running just in case and were lucky enough that it wasn't stolen. The first place we went to was FABULOUS (and what we ended up picking) and I knew it from the very beginning. We decided to take a few more looks though. So we headed out to our next appointment in an area called Midtown. We didn't love it. All the houses there still needed so much work. So we decided it wasn't worth it. We were at one of the stops and the truck died again. So we got the renter to help us. We ended up pushing it down a hill and jumping the clutch. So fun in humidity. We went to our next stop and accidentally turned off the truck and it died again. So we got a nice guy to help us on the side of the road. So we got it going and went to an Auto Zone to get it fixed. Well we knew NOTHING about the area and I definitely saw some crazy things go down. We met a group of guys that were immediately ready to help and a man named JB White came and helped us and gave us a good deal but still it was 200 dollars we didn't have. Oh well! So by about 4 p.m. truck was fixed we were waiting to hear from Townhouse if we were approved. So we went and stopped buy and found out we were and decided that that was it. We went to a city called Collierville about 10 miles away and got a hotel room cause everything else was booked. Of course it was WAY expensive but again oh well. So we had a great nights stay and a fun wonderful dinner found out Trent got a job at a Middle School there so we were relieved. We woke up the next day I did laundry at the hotel and we were off to the airport and sign the lease on the apartment. At the gas station our freaking truck broke down. We ended up tightening the wires and put new tape on them and it started up. we are so lucky, but so unlucky too. We went signed the lease, took a video of where we were living and then Trent took me to the airport. I hadn't realized everything going on so it was so hard to deal with the fact we were about to be separated for a LONG time. I bawled all through security, airport, even as I was boarding the plane. Insane. I finally pulled it together, and was okay and good to go. I got to Denver on a buddy pass and all flights were full for 2 days on the Denver to SLC flight. So we bought me flight home on Southwest cause I REFUSED to deal with that. So I got home saw my puppy and my family and was able to relax luckily. Monday came along and here I am bawling in stores and in parking lots trying to deal with all of this and missing my husband. I miss him so much. I love you babe. You mean everything to me. Good Luck out there and I'll see you in 24 days! :) Miss you.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My life be like...

HELL! just kididng. Not that bad. But its gotten bad at points. Well, how do I explain? When it rains it SNOWS, and we can't dig ourselves out! HELP!
A few updates:

Dennis (Trent Dad out of hospital)
Selling everything we can to make extra money
Leaving Thursday morning for Tennessee
Jack(our baby and puppy) getting surgery Friday. Thank you Parents and Julianne and Ryan for helping out and watching him while we are gone.
Still have packing to do....
Wedding tomorrow, wedding dinner tonight.
This week has just been a lot but shown me that Trent and I are a great team and we can conquer anything. We could never give up our baby boy so we are getting his surgery done, called fracture repair of Tibial Crest. I am done. I want a quiet BORING life and my puppy and hubby to come home too. guess I still have another month or so til I get that though. Keep us in your prayers!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Broken heart

My heart broke yesterday, I wish I could explain the hurt I felt that day and how much I wanted to take all of Jack's pain away and put it on me. We were packing up the apartment and Trent was holding Jack and he jumped out of his 6' 4" body and fell on the ground landing wrong and popping his little leg out of socket. He just started yelping and was freaking out, and Trent just so controlled grabbed Jack and held him and massaged his leg and popped it back in place, while I was running around franticly trying to find keys or a number to vet to find out what to do. I was so stressed and crying and felt so bad and he was so calm. I hope I'll do better for when I am a mommy one day. Well Jack finally stopped screeching and just laid down and took it easy for the rest of the day. I of course just cried for about 2 hours feeling so bad for my baby and holding him as close as I could. I love him so much and he is such a joy in our lives that when this happened I felt so bad. He now can't walk on his back leg but is going to be going to the vet today to try to figure out what's wrong. Everyone please pray for my little buddy. He has to be in a crate today so that he can't move around so please pray he is okay and not to lonely. Sad day in our lives this week.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


I wish I knew all the answers to why things happen and how I can make things happen. but the reality of life is we just go with the flow. Like right now. We got a buddy pass on a United Flight so I will be trying to get home Sunday and Monday. :) It will be fun for me to go with Trent and find our place though, but just changing everything seems to be a bit overwhelming! :) I stress easily though, go figure. I can't wait to spend MORE TIME WITH TRENT THOUGH! it will be a blast. We are so blessed though with friends who are coming to see us go and help with hotels and flights. Its been nice to have that support. :) so thanks guys. We love you! Wish us luck on this journey and keep Dennis in your prayers that he will feel better and get out of the hospital soon.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


There has been some insane madness going on. Trent is scheduled to leave next Thursday to drive to Memphis with his dad and get settled with out items and hopefully get an apartment. Well last Friday Trent's dad Dennis, was put in the hospital for a kidney infection and possibly kidney stones. Its been crazy. We have thought every day that they were gonna let him out of the hospital and yet he has not been released. Today will make day 5 days in the hospital. Poor guy. So now our new plan is to have me drive to Memphis with Trent and stay with him and then fly back Monday. I hope that it all works out all right. I am ready for this move to get going and to just be in Memphis and get out life going. Its been so nice to have Trent though for all of his support and help he has given me. I love him so much and can't wait for this adventure with him. Everyone keep us in your prayers. Updates to come.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


We finally did it! We are so happy and we got to walk together. So lucky. I am so excited that we finally finished. The last week I worked REALLY hard on a paper on abortion for my online class, and I got the grade back yesterday..... I got a B! I am so happy. Therefore I got a B in the class. So relieved. It is nice to say I am a graduate. Can't wait to see what kind of job I get eventually. I can't wait to move away to Tennessee. I get more excited every day! It will be nice to be in a different environment with my hunny and spend all our time together. I also will be quitting my job in just about a month, and while I LOVE my job, I am so ready to sleep in and do absolutely nothing! :) I just wanted to say thanks to everyone!

Monday, April 26, 2010


I love pictures. I love taking them I love being in them and mostly I love just putting them up everywhere. Its an obsession. My wedding and engagements were so fun and turned out so well only because I had a FABULOUS and encouraging photographer. and she had photoshop. that helped. I love her work though and have since the first day I saw it. She is doing a contest right now for a free Funbooth session. Which is killer, cause that is normally a pretty penny. I love when she does this! so all though I am a constant customer I am going to try to win. But you should too! go to her blog check her out. She is great. really. Its not hard to enter in the contest just takes a few seconds, so everyone run, fast! GO ON! I should be her marketing director. Seriously, I love her work. :) haha.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Our lives are amazing right now! so much adventure about to happen and yet I still have so much fear about something bad happening to my husband. Call me crazy, but whenever I hear about death all I do is instantly think about Trent and how much my heart would break. Then I cry and cry and cry and then realize he is fine. It sucks. Makes it hard on me sometimes. We had a scare about a month ago about being prego and I was so not excited then yesterday I thought to myself that would be nice to at least have a baby that would be both of us if something ever happened to either of us. All I hope and pray for every day is that he is safe with me at the end of the day. I hate more then ANYTHING leaving him for 4 weeks and the biggest reason is I am a stress ball that something could happen to him while he is away and I won't be able to give him a hug or kiss. I just love him and I know that people are probably annoyed that mushy stuff is being written but its my blog so go away if you don't like it. Anyways hold on to your loved ones and hold them so tight and never let go. Love him with every piece of you. The biggest thing we have learned is when we fight or say something mean that we shouldn't have we just poke each other and laugh and in our ridiculous voices say BABE, and it works. We get over things so quickly and continue to just love each other. I am so grateful for my wonderful marriage and love you Trent even if I am a little crazy.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We spent the weekend making some pretty rad crafts, one of which is a mirror that we turned from dirty white to teal. Well, needless to say, we don't have anywhere to put the mirror on the walls, so it's just kind of leaning up against a wall on the floor.

Jack doesn't quite understand the concept of mirrors yet.

He'll walk past the mirror, catch a glimpse of himself and then he'll just stand and stare. He then sees our reflection in the mirror, so when we call him, he turns around to see where the sound is coming from and he sees us and you can just tell that he is so confused as to how we were over there and now we're over here. It's hilarious.

Monday, March 29, 2010

More pics!

This is what we did all weekend!

Weekend Projects!

We had a great time spray painting and shopping this weekend! here is to show!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm officially THRIFTY!

So me and Trent decided we were gonna experiment. I follow this blog every day and just love it so I wanted to try. So Trent go this awesome piece from the DI and he took off the top tier and then we painted it this awesome blue color after priming it and then we wrote THE KEY in Italian at the top and Mail of the house in the bottom. I love it! adds some color and spice to our house. I am so excited to do more!

More to come! just wait!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend fun!

This weekend was really fun and relaxed for hubby and me!

Friday night we stayed home all night and did nothing. We just watched a movie and got pizza and just spent some much needed time together.

Then Saturday came! Our friend Alice called me a few weeks ago and asked if she could take pictures of me and Trent, of course I couldn't say no, so we went. We took about an hour and a half worth of pictures and it was a lot of fun. a reason to kiss and cuddle and be right next to each other. Here are a few of the pictures she took that I loved.

After that we went and grabbed lunch real fast and went out to Meliss's and Jim's to watch Annie. it was so fun. she is walking and is so adorable. I can't believe how big she is getting. She is also getting really good at dirty looks. I love it! Jack absolutely adores her. Attacks her all the time and just wants to lick her face...oh man. But it was fun to see them play. Trent and I had an intense game of Tetris which was luckily ended by Meliss and Jim coming home! :)

After that we went home and rested up and then we were off to a wedding for our good friends Don and Jen Willie. It was beautiful. It was at The Point where we got married so that was bitter sweet cause it made me miss my wedding so much. But they did a fabulous job. I liked her cake way more then mine! but mine did taste pretty good! :) After the wedding me and Trent went to the movie Green Zone which then led to MILLIONS of questions from me to Trent and poor guy you could tell was just done and did not want to answer anymore questions! haha but it made for good entertainment! :)

Sunday we woke up went to church and then went out to Trent's parents and Jack just had a bawl. he loves running around with the other puppies and just being a spaz. go figure. then we went home to a meeting then off to the park with some couples from our ward and played some good old football! :) I was trash talking the entire time which I totally found appropriate! haha I am sure others have another opinion. we had fun though then went home and got quickly to bed we were both so exhausted. but before we went to bed we decided just to check up on how much it is to rent a uhaul for their drive to Memphis. for 7 days and for enough space for our apartment it was $1400!!!! NO JOKE! we just about died. man quite the trip, but hopefully we will find a better deal.

Friday, March 19, 2010


When I look back to two years ago or 3 or 5, for that matter, I always wonder where I would have ended up had I not done everything I know I should have. I am so happy that this is where we are. Trent has made my life so great. The past two nights we have been just laughing and remembering why we fell in love. Don't take life to seriously. Enjoy the silly parts of life like when your wife won't go to sleep cause she is giggling like crazy or how you and your spouse fight, but your husband just ends up laughing because he says I am swinging at him like a cat.

Seriously though, I have now realized my best advice is don't take everything to seriously. Enjoy the little things in life. Do what makes you two happy and nothing else. We got Jack because WE wanted too. We had a lot of people tell us not to, but we love him and we are SO glad we did. He has been a blessing to us and just a sweet boy. Gives us laughs all the time and every time I mention moving his tail wags. I know I know, he probably has no idea what I am saying but still. I love my boys and I love my life. Can't wait to go to Memphis for this big experience.

Anyone have any advice on Memphis??? I'd appreciate it!

This last Thursday was my Accadian year end show. It was hard. I will miss those girls so much, but I am so proud of them and they were so awesome. I will miss coaching but ready for something else. I am officially done now and no more waking up early! That is exciting to me! haha.
Spring break is this week and I plan on staying up late and hanging out with my hubby! So excited.

Hope all is well with everyone.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Jack is so rad. Tonight, I came home and opened up the door to the bathroom where he hangs out while we're gone (to avoid everything in our apartment being destroyed by his sharp little teeth). He had knocked over his water bowl in excitement and I didn't notice. So, not one to not get what he wants or needs, he ran in and got his bowl and dropped it on my foot. "Hey, hey, hey, um, did you forget about me? Hi, hi, I'm still here."

Monday, March 8, 2010


Well, these past few months of waiting, interviewing, and trying to be perfect for them has been difficult to say the least!
but it all paid off. we found out today that we were accepted to TEACH FOR AMERICA 2010-2011 Corps members and will be moving to Memphis Tennessee!

We couldn't be happier and just are so excited for this wonderful adventure! Trent will be moving we think on May 30 and driving out and putting some of our items in storage and bringing his truck there to wait! and then I'll stay and work until about June 15th ish and then take a few days off, play with my babies Annies, and spend time with my wonderful family. This has kinda been hard because we have never been separated and now the baby of the fam is leaving. I will probably move out there when he comes back to Utah on July 15th and we'll move to Memphis find our place and settle in. What an adventure. AH!

But my family is sooo supportive and just so excited so I really appreciate it. We will skype every sunday and mom you can still send me presents anytime! But I really think it will be the best thing for our marriage and for us. We are itching for an experience and to make it even better we have job security for 2 years! YEAH!

Trent I am so proud of you. I think you are amazing and fabulous. All your hard work and dedication challenges me everyday to be more and more like you. I am so proud to be your wife. You are amazing. Our little family, JACK YOU ME will have SO much fun there and so many adventures. Love you baby.

Congrats! :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So we did, in fact, get a new puppy, Jack. We were thinking that people get dogs that fit them and this one definitely fits us - he's a bit of a spaz, but he doesn't bark at all and only whimpers in excitement for a minute when we come home from work (which is perfect for an apartment). He's such a little stud.

School is going great for both of us, we both graduate in May and it couldn't come sooner, Trent's suffering from a really bad case of Senioritis because his major is already done and he's just doing classes this semester for his Political Science minor.

We still have 13 days until we find out whether or not Trent is accepted into the Teach for America program, the wait is killing him. Our first choice is Memphis, Tennessee, so we might be heading to the "Rocky Top" this summer, we'll just have to wait and see.

That's about it, we're just busy with everything but loving every minute of being with one another, life couldn't be better.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


We got a chorkie (yorkie/chihuahua) he is a doll and just the most precious thing ever and already LOVES his mom and dad! aka Trent and me! He is about 12 weeks old so still little but is about 3 1/2 pounds and will grow to be about 5 pounds. he slept all last night and didn't wake up once. I don't think I have ever heard him bark yet. He is a great puppy and just so happy to have him in our family now. I am sure we will be obsessive and I am fine with that. As you can see on the post name his name is Jack. it just worked when we started saying it.

When we first got him he was soooooo scared and didn't want to go in a car but shortly after the whimpering stopped and he was being so good he just nuzzled up in my arms in the car and had to put his face right by mine. he is SO lovable and just gives lots of kisses. We are so excited! yeah for our BABY! I will post pictures soon!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


On our wedding day I didn't cry until our ring ceremony when Jim(dad) walked me down the aisle and gave me away. That was when tears came. When we spoke about each other and he spoke about me. I wish we had that written down. It was straight from the heart and absolutely amazing. I have been watching these Shade Tree videos specifically Nikki.Sam. and man I just wanted to bawl. that is what love is all about. Thats what I think. I think love is about you and your spouse being so enthralled with each other and wanting every second.

So Me and Trent had a wonderful Dating and a wonderful marriage. I was watching this and I sent him a text and this was our back and forth....

Em:I love you because I know we can make it through anything, I love you because on our first date I knew i'd marry you, I love you because you take my breath away, I love you because you deal with me, and I love you because you strengthen my testimony every day and I love you because I know you'll never leave me.

Trent!:I love you because you always miss me so much., I love you because you put up with me poking you all the time even though you know that I know that i really shouldn't so much, I love you because you are so supportive of me and you just KNOW that I'm going to succeed.

These are all so true. It just melts my heart and makes me so proud to be married to my best friend. In the hardest days where I am SO emotional and being a drama queen I just tell trent you're all I're my best friend! And he just melts and holds me. which is what I need.

What a lucky life to have someone like him. I was always so scared of marriage cause of my parents divorce but I know that with trent we will always be honest and open and make sure that we both are always on the same page. marriage is hard and marriage is tough, but divorce is horrid and divorce hurts more and more every day then a marriage ever would. I am so thankful for the commitments I made to be with Trent for Eternity.

While I am on the texting thing here are a few from Trent when we were dating......
October 4th, 2008 2:45 AM
Yeah, but now xxx's having an emotional breakdown. Seriously Em, completely honest, thank you so much for being around. I needed you tonight, especially with....
October 4th,2008 4:02 PM
Thanks! I try my best! You are one sweetheart too. But like, without stuff written on you like the little Valentine's Day candies! hahahahahha I love him for that text alone.
keep in mind our first date was September 25, 2008.
October 11, 2008 2:54 AM
Emily, don't thank me, I absolutely adore you. I think we both got pretty lucky. It's not like this very often.
October 13, 2008 2:40 AM
A little math during hte break: 2+2= I had an amazing time tonight and love being with you.
When I was Miss Draper Trent found out I was speaking at an elementary and showed up. we had known each other for about 2 and a half weeks and that was it. I was in my crown speaking to kids already so intimidated and then I look back and he is there. I was DYING this is the text from that day.
October 15, 2008 10:44 AM
Yeah but I good one. You did awesome, the kids loved you. It was funny, looking at some of the boys when you were by them, they had the biggest crush on you.
Including a little boy about six foot three, 21 years old, he was dumbfounded.
October 27, 2008 1:37 AM
You're welcome, it's not anything to be thanked for, it's just what you deserve. I cherish every second I can spend with you, I wouldn't trade the time with you for anything else in the world! You've definitely got me wrapped around you little finger.

Those are just a few. That last one was 3 days before we became "exclusive" even though we already practically were. The title came on the 30th. I'll post more later. I just love my husband and this shows what a great kind and caring man he is.
You are the best T LOWE. lovage you to death.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Never in a MILLION years did I think i'd be writing this. I am so happy with taxes this year! we are going to be able to pay our computer off! and not have ANY debt other then school and my car! WHOO to us. I am so excited. Last night I was on like an energy kick because I was so shocked and happy about it. and to make it better got an email saying it'd be in my account on like Wednesday of next week. What a day!

Tonight we are having Cameron(trent's fraternity friend) come over and help with his interview. I am excited. I can't wait for him to go in there and kick butt. I know he'll do great.
I am supposed to be going to boston this summer and I am excited don't get me wrong, but I wish that my husband or more family would be there. :( I might be the loner again! but oh well cause while I am back there I'll get to fly over to New York and be with hubby.

We are going on a cruise next summer so if anyone has suggestions send them my way!
I wanna go to Bermuda, and we want to do a cruise because its all included. is that a good idea?

I decided now that life is slowing down I am going to start to try to remodel some furniture for when we move. I am looking for a wood table or even just a top to attach on our table. round preferably. maybe we'll head to ikea.

Next weekend we'll be off to Vegas for Valentines Day with our friend Mac and Zac Bennett. I am SO excited. We are going to Cirque Du Soleil on Saturday night, Mystere. We got AMAZING seats too. So I am pretty excited and just to be out of town with the hubby with NOTHING to do I think will be REALLY nice. So I am counting down the days for that trip!

I want to do a big get together for all of my old friends. i miss them all. Crimson line and High school friends. so If you are any of those help me plan something.
Life is great.... couldn't be happier. Ps the show Yes to the Dress or whatever I LOVE! its so fun and catchy. I've been entertaining myself with random shows while trent is at school.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A new change!

Well. Life is good! I couldn't be happier. I watched the bachelor last night and made fun of the sheman Vienna and talked about how much i LOVE alli and I decided maybe Jake is perfect for Vienna they BOTH ARE CRAZY! and Gia seriously your HOT you need to just take your top off and he won't even look at vienna. haha. and Tenley i don't want you to win. because I wanna see you as the next BACHELORETTE! so therefore Gia or Alli must win. :) I am excited to see hometowns and Gia and her BROOKLYN pad. so stoked. I will say though in the show when Coree and Jake kissed my heart melted cause then I kissed my wonderful hubby and TEARS CAME strolling down my face! of just pure happiness and knowing that the love really does not go away!
I was in my favorite pink pants, with my hubby cuddling, and ate pasta roni (MY FAVORITE FOOD). :)
This weekend we watched Miss America and BOY WAS IT GOOD! NOT. i hated it. I hate they didn't put Miss Puerto Rico through. she was SO HOT. and I don't like miss america and how far her eyes are apart. not attractive. but I did love Miss New Mexico til she spoke. then it went down hill. and California couldn't even keep her eyes open. not a fan. Kentucky was A LITTLE to much for me. she was ALL OVER THE PLACE!
But anyways It was so fun to just be home and not stress about tomorrow.(today)
Work has been so busy but so good. I enjoy when I sit there and go WHERE DID THE DAY GO! like today, already had lunch and done a ton at work and its half way through the day. nothing can make me happier!
My ACCADIANS took 4th at state which was such a great accomplishment. I am so proud I was a part of this team this year. I recently did make the decision to step down as a coach, because.......WE ARE MOVING. well we are banking on moving to Boston, Chicago, or Connecticut for the program Teach For America that Trent has his final interview for on February 11th. :) I am so proud of him and all that he is doing.

i hope everyone is well..does anyone even read this?
yeah for Ashlee for getting engaged. we are pumped. and can't wait for the wedding day. miss you.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I HATE waking up and just thinking that all day I am going to be tired. I have been at Brighton SO MUCH this week that I am starting to feel like I am in high school again! I CAN'T TAKE IT! good thing state is tomorrow and I won't have to for a while after!

Trent's interview is February 11. We have busy schedules right now. Tomorrow is state then next weekend we rest, the next we are in vegas, the next we are planning a temple day, next we have a sig ep dinner, then we are going to Idaho for my brothers baptism, then Nationals with Drill, then Arizona, then we are home. but I can't help but think of everything in between. ugh.

I am going to be judging a few studio comps this year which will be really good for us.

Trent is loving the TRIB and is doing so good. check it
he rocks. so proud.

We are happy and we love HEROES. Go life.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Ever wonder where life is going to take you next?
Well I have now been given that feeling. Lots of changes are happening. Keep Trent's interview in your prayers and of course our family.

Life is full of so many blessings and I am so ready for them .
Hard decisions make strong people I decided today. Thats why Heavenly father gives us trials.
I am a new me. New hair, new hubby, almost graduated LOVING life. and so happy to be alive.

I made an awesome new friend this year, Jules. and I owe so much to her and letting me know that good things happen. can't wait for Friday and your wedding!!!

State is Friday. thats a whole other book. but ACCADIANS I love you! and I know you will own that state floor!


Life is rad.

Yeah, okay, so some rough bumps come up, no biggie. What is important is that you're happy overall and that you are able to find the great in the mediocre. I truly believe that if you can do that, then you're doing pretty well.
It's like in the Karate Kid when Daniel kept getting the crap kicked out of him at school, he didn't get down. And then, the heroics began to happen. He was able to find the great from the mediocre when he developed the crane move. What is more sissier than a crane? But he discovered the great in the mediocre. Keep it up Daniel-san.
That's all you gotta do, find the crane in yourself.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rough Spot

Well, life is never perfect right?
I swear when something is so perfect it just leaves my grip.
Trent got a final interview for a program called Teach for America. We would move to Boston or Chicago for 2 years and Trent would teach school and possibly get a masters in education. Its been a crazy thing but If we get it we are SO ready to go. I think it would be so fun and such a growing experience for us, that I am hoping we go.
but then I have home. I love my JOB and my family so much, I cry every time I think of leaving Annie and Meliss and Jim and mom and dad. makes my heart break. but It would be so good for us. and skype is great. :) and then I have drill. which has been SO challenging for me and I have truly loved working with those girls. they mean so much so me. but I know that it would be right decision. so right now we are trying to figure out if I should plan on going back or what. so crazy.
sorry I had to vent.
I love trenton so much
I love having my husband.
We took 3rd at Region for Drill. Good job accadians.
I am so ready for drill to be done! I need sleep
Hope everyone is good.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Trent here. As per point 7 of the last post about being excited about going to a Red Sox game. Point of correction:

EMILY is excited to go to a Red Sox game.

I am looking forward to going to a game in Fenway Park, but will remain a true-blue Yankees fan until I die. I've loved the Bombers since I was four and I'm not changing anytime soon.

That's all.

Friday, January 8, 2010


Well! Its been a CRAZY year and here we go again into another crazy year! :) but very exciting. Things we are excited for
-Finding out about Teach For America
-Graduating College with Bachelor Degrees! Yes both of us
-having our one year anniversary in OCTOBER!
-possibly moving to Chicago, Boston, Conneticut, or New York
-going to Cape Cod- NEW SEABURY for 10 days
-going to a RED sox game!
-seeing our niece turn 1
-family going to the temple!
-Emily finishing her first year of coaching
-Trent getting a job hopefully with a newspaper and doing his internship with SL Tribune!
-going to Arizona to see Trent's grandma!
-going to Vegas over Valentines day with Mackenzie and Zach
-going to a Cirque show
-Emily's going to National Dance comp with her team in March
Thats all that is on the top of my head right now. but its going to be a great year. we can't wait. We honestly love being married and love each other and would do anything for one another.
Hope everyone is excited for the new year!