Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Have I mentioned I am getting married??? 

Or that its only 10 days away. 
or that I am going to Barbados?? 
or that my name is Mrs Lowe pretty soon??? 
haha thought i'd let you all know. 
My life is about to start and I couldn't be happier. Just thought i'd publicly express how much i LOVE AND ADORE Trenton Lee Lowe. He is perfect. the Ideal man for me. I am so lucky.
I got all my temple stuff yesterday thank you to MY MOTHER IN LAW! so sweet and now I get to be so priviliged to wear them and be sealed to him for ETERNITY!

another sneak peak! 

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

dum dum du dum. dum dum du dum! wedding song???

17 DAYS!!!!

I know I am going through a moment of no posts now LOTS OF POSTS!

I made trent dinner last night! trying to become wifey, burnt the meat! but made a new batch it ended up being really good. but then i burnt the CUPCAKES! saddest part to the whole night. but trent did dishes and I finished my homework. then my LONG drive home to DRAPER for the next 17 days. I love trent so much.

I am so excited to marry him. i am putting a sneak peak of our bridals on here today! BE EXCITED! everything is coming up so fast. 

if you haven't gotten your invite please let me know! 

Thanks to everyone who checks this! haha 

Monday, September 21, 2009

18 days!!! HOLY CRAP

I am in shock i have 18 days til i am

I have never been so excited for something or to be with someone. The wedding is pretty much done. I am still coaching only going 2 times a week right now though. its just getting a bit tougher. We are both still in school. STRESSFUL! but we are so happy.

We have a DARLING apt in the Avenues and we love it. We have painted it red and decorated it so cute.

I have had so much fun at all my showers. and my Bridal shoot was INCREDIBLE. i can't wait to show all my pics....after my wedding! haha

I am so happy. i love trenton with all my heart and am honored to be sealed to him. I have my reccommend ready to go. Can't wait!