Monday, August 9, 2010


Well another week! here we go. We still have bug problems and if they don't go away I might be tempted to start living in my car. I hate them THAT BAD. They are horrible. And miserable. I lost it Friday night when I was walking down stairs and TRIPPED.

Anyways Trent started school today! I AM SO PROUD! I am trying to get hired as a substitute teacher and then we can have similar jobs! WHOOO. So cross your fingers. It has been SO Hard finding a job but I am so happy I have Jack during the day.

We are happy and in love more then ever so we are good. No one worry. We miss home! Love everyone!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

What's NEW??

Bug bites, big freaking roaches, and hot hot heat.

I am still unemployed. FINALLY got an interview for Monday and I am going to apply to be a substitute teacher as well. :) Cross your fingers.

Most of the days me and Jack spend the day locked in our room away from BUGS and no where they can get me. I am a spaz.

I had a break down the other day because I saw a roach on my couch where I had been laying! UGH so I had to go find my new friend Rod who yes could have been an axe murderer but I really didn't care. :) He came and killed the bug and now we are still just in the process of being sure we are on the front end for any battle with the ROACH.

I miss Utah. but I love it here with my husband. We have gone to the temple twice and it has been incredible such a great spirit. Pray for us. and me getting a job. GO MEMPHIS