Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve

Today I am sad and done. I will be ready to go for 2011. Cross my fingers. I just need to be mad.

Thursday, December 30, 2010


So I am employed through a temp agency and they have me at a bank here in Memph town. Well, I knew it might not be permanent and found out today, IT WASN'T PERMANENT. As a matter of fact tomorrow is my LAST day.

I got a call over Christmas time when we were in Utah from another temp agency telling me that they wanted to submit my resume for an Executive Admin job in East Memphis. Well I work in East Memphis so I told her that and how I work at Independent Bank. She replied with oh they job is at Ibank. either me or the other girl were going to lose our job. Naive me thought it was the other girl. I was wrong. I never had them submit my resume because I didn't want to lose my job and cause problems. I spoke to the HR Manager today and told her the situation and she said well Emily, you need to sit down. So I did. She then went on to tell me how the other girl was filling in until they found someone permanent for the Executive Admin, and when they do the other girl will take back her old job which is my job. So then where does that leave Emily? UNEMPLOYED. I should have expected it with working temporary but the fact they weren't going to tell me til tomorrow makes me a bit upset. Oh well, at least I can sub and hopefully the temp agency will place me elsewhere. In the time being we are accepting any donations. Big or small. Food or toilet paper.

Also, for Christmas I got a gift card to Taco Bell so tonight we decided to go get some food. We were eating and in a hurry so I started to scarf my beef hard shell taco. I started choking. A big piece had gotten stuck in my throat. I started to cry not knowing what to do. Keep me in mind we went in to eat. Trent is trying to pat my back so I start coughing and the old people behind us are starting to freak out. I decide to run to the bathroom and try to throw it up. Gross I know but I did. I didn't get it up but I did clear my airway a little bit more. My throat and mouth are now swollen and hurt. Needless to say tonight has not been my night. Wish me luck that my mouth doesn't swell in my sleep! :)

Happy New Year

Well, once you think you have things under control and made it through the toughest times, you get called into the temporary managers office and they tell you tomorrow is your last day. Happy Freaking New Year. So I am unemployed as of Monday. We don't know what we will do or where I will find a job, but we do know that now is a time of faith and letting my heavenly father be there for me to help guide us in this time of need. I am so greatful for Trent and how supportive he is. The situation is sticky ugly and just unprofessional so yes we are shocked. Can we make it? YES! We are very blessed and are going to move forward from here and do the best that we can with what we have. Hopefully there will be subbing jobs all next week and I can sub! We can make pretty good money to live off of until then. So cross your fingers.

Ask me if we have a student loan due on the 17th of this month??? OF COURSE!
When life sucks, it sucks bad. It's a shitty day and yet it keeps on coming.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Who shops at JcPenney or is planning on it? We had to return some items and could only get in store credit but are looking into selling the in store credit so we can buy a wii game! If you are interested comment me.


Here I am at work while my cute husband is at home in bed sleeping. Sad day for Emily. We find out in less then 3 weeks if I was accepted to Teach For America and boy is the anticipation killing me. Looking forward to Friday for a half day and getting to spend time playing my wii and watching Netflix movies on there!

P.S. Congrats to my good friend Katie Henderson for being featured in the Utah Style and Design Magazine. She is amazing, go check her out at

I had another blog and I plan on transfering all the photos from that blog to here then you can see more of what she has done. I am hoping one day I'll get a discount on our housing design! :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Back to the grind.

I went back to work today, and for those who do not know I got clip in extensions again. I kinda assumed the women in my office would notice my hair and yet not one did, BUT 4 of the men in my office did.
My favorite was:
B: " Did your hair grow really fast since I last saw you?"
E: Yeah that's what Utah weather does to ya.
B: No really, didn't you have short hair?
E: Well it was kinda shorter but not way shorter.
B: I am going crazy.

Then I told him the truth. Made me laugh and happy that someone noticed at least.
We got a WII for Christmas and we set it up today and I went out and bought Trent the Cabellas Dangerous Hunts Game. He LOVES it for a small amount of time. If you know my husband really well you are probably shocked just as much as I am that he likes the video game so much. We played the canoeing, biking, and sword fighting tonight. I LOVE IT! It was a great workout too. Very excited to have it. Trent kept getting on me because he thought I was going to hit the TV when I was playing the sword fighting game. When we were in Utah we played my mom's wii a lot and she had the GLEE karaoke game. For some reason I decided to make a fool of myself and sing the Dream Girls song that Mercades sang, "You're gonna love me". It was a blast and everyone got a good laugh out of my craziness and making myself look like an idiot. My cousin had said I can't believe you'll do that in front of your husband! Isn't that what being married for eternity is all about? Making a fool of yourself so that your husband realizes he is stuck with you? Hopefully Trent found it funny. :) We had a lot of fun and I am working on Trent to buy it for me now! :) CROSSING MY FINGERS! so everyone please send a comment or a facebook post to him telling him to get me the game for New Years.

I am off to bed hoping to get some good sleep and that my back will feel better in the morn. Glad that Memphis is quite tonight and we will get some relaxing sleep.

Goodnight Memphis/Salt Lake City.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas has been fabulous this year! Trent and I decided to get each other pea coats this fall when we were in Chicago for our Christmas presents. Trent then decided to be amazing and bought me a pair of red canvas TOMS that I love and have wanted. We have been visiting in Utah since the 18th and spent lots of times with good friends. I am so glad we came and were able to spend the time here. The beginning of our trip we went to one of our favorite spots, Off Broadway Theatre for a comedy club, had many nights of dinners with friends at our favorite restraunts, and spent a lot of time with family. We went to our annual dinner "Hog Nog n' Log" on Wednesday and had a fabulous time with friends and family. My dad came up from Idaho and spent some time with us also which was a lot of fun. Trent and I went up to Brighton ski resort on Tuesday and went snowboarding for the first time in 5 years for each of us! It was a great time and even better we got half off.

My sister has a little girl named Annie that will be 2 in January and Trent, my mom and I took her to the aquarium Tuesday afternoon. She LOVES it. Just likes to walk around and look. I have been so grateful for all the time I have been able to spend with her. She lights up my life.

We took our "little" friends Lia and Sophia ice skating on Wednesday afternoon, which was a workout in itself. They are the sweetest little girls and so fun to be with.
Thursday night we went to sushi with my good friend Katie Henderson. I was SO excited to see her and had been counting down the moments! Made this trip worth it! :) Thanks for coming and mingling with us for countless hours.

Sunday we did family pictures with my in-laws and went to the annual Herrick Christmas party and did games all night! We have been exhausted and ready for a break this whole week.

For Christmas Eve we spent the day and night at the Lowe's house and had the annual weenie roast and opened presents! Trent and I were SPOILED ROTTEN. To start it off, we got fun gadgets and gizmos in our stockings and I got a food processor, jumper cable pack, and a WII!!!!! NO WAY! I was so excited. Trent got Itunes gift cards, jumped cable pack, and A LOT OF TOOLS that were needed, and he was so excited for them. We had a great Christmas with the Lowe's and are grateful for all they did for us this year!

Christmas day we woke up and opened presents with the Maack/Tabish family. I had already gotten my present (extensions) from my mom and Jim, makeup, some dress clothes, Taco Bell giftcards, and an adorable headband. I am very happy to have them! Trent got money, subway giftcards, ties, a "drift" car, other nerf type toys, and a Sig Ep blanket. We are very grateful for friends and family this holiday season and love them all.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Handy Dandy

My husband is fabulous. He can fix and do anything. Tonight he fixed his truck that has been not working for a few days. I don't know details other then I am good at holding a flash light but I am so proud of him for being so creative and smart. Go Babe!

Do we really??

This is based a bit of Mockingjay if you have read the book! Thanks Peeta!

I live in Memphis. Real

I haven't seen Annie or the family since July. Real

I am flying home Saturday. Real

It might snow in Memphis on Saturday. Real

I might not make it home. Not real. I will find a way.

We have no money for Xmas but are spending it anyway. Real

Trent is taking our dog on the plane instead of me. Real, poor guy.

I find out about TFA in 5 weeks. Real

It doesn't feel like Christmas is in 11 days because I am so focused on getting home. Real

I will have pretty long hair again in 11 days! Real maybe even sooner!

Glad to know my thoughts are all realistic this week!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

He is good....SO GOOD!

My new job leaves me with NOTHING TO DO! meaning I am bored and should probably not be lazy and learn how to be cool and blog better.

I read on that everytime she hears Carrie's song (yes we are friends, me and Carrie) that she thinks of her hub and it made me tear up. I love my hub and I don't care if any of you hate the word HUB or HUBBY then all i have to say to you is hub hub hub hubby hubs hubbers! eat that!

I just thought i'd update we are only 12 days away until I return to the SLC and enjoy some great times with friends and family. Trent and I got each other coats in Chicago for Christmas and I will post them later when I am at home. So other then that our XMAS is our family time and being appreciative to each other. AND BRINGING JACK WITH US!

I love my HUB

Monday, December 6, 2010


There have been some times this past year that have for sure tested my patience and my ability to stay calm and not completely attack people like I typically would. Reality is...yes I am a brat and selfish, and I typically want things to go my way. BUT when I am trying to have things work for you as well, don't be a bitch and try to understand I am TRYING and you put effort forward as well.

I have let go of a few really close friends this year. It's been sad and hard but looking back worth it. Don't make me want to let go of you as well. I have realized that I must grow in order for me to get a long with others as well. I MUST CHANGE. I am so thankful for my husband who has helped me realize the qualities that I want to have in myself and in my children one day. I know that by being an example I will have a better chance of them turning out okay. I love my mom and sister for all the lessons and strengths they have given me. They showed me that being an independant woman is important and I pride myself in saying for majority of my life I have been pretty INDEPENDANT! "All the women who independent throw your hands up at me!" Thanks Beyonce. I am ready to have 2011 be one of the greatest years for me. I plan to learn a lot, study hard, try hard, and trust and believe in myself. Something I haven't done.

While we don't have plans for kids or a house for maybe 5 years plus I strongly believe Trent and I have started a strong life and family together here in Memphis. We plan on continuing it at our pace and enjoying life. I know I feel awkward at times cause one, we live in Memphis and are mormon, two we live in Memphis and don't have kids, and three we don't drink. That leaves not to many things to do here. So what do we do? We cuddle up on Friday nights and tickle each others backs and enjoy the fact that we have each other. I love Trent, especially has strengthened lately. He has been my back bone while I hated my job and came home each night and cried he just let me, and then eventually let me quit. Three days later I got a job. The LORD loves us. I have a testimony in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and without that I wonder where we might be now......

Thanks for my blessings and my wonderful dog and husband. I love them more then life itself. I'd die without them.

Long or Short

Should I get extensions or cut my hair short again?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Update on Life

Well I made the blog private. I don't want randoms looking at my life anymore. Things are going well here.

I quit my job at J Hunt Home for a lot of reasons, mainly the boss and the direct supervisor was a shady person and wasn't getting along with her. So therefore I quit last week. Trent and I spent the weekend in Nashville for Thanksgiving with my aunt Nanette and her family and some close friends. It was a lot of fun and we got to have a home cooked meal and eat SHOE FLY PIE! My FAV! We also ran a 5k on Thanksgiving morning. Huge shock I know. We had a blast. We went shopping for black Friday and had a great time. Unfortunately due to unemployment we didn't get to really shop. But we did get a printer and we are way excited.

I just found out today after having my interview at 8:00 A.M. that I got a job at Independent Bank about 5 minutes from my house! I am SO HAPPY! It pays great and better yet I get paid weekly for a while so that will be nice to have instant money. Thank you OFFICETEAM! We have been very blessed. I will be working at this job for as long as they will keep me or until we are back on our feet and I decide to Substitute teach. I never knew how tough this move would be but again I am greatful for a very supportive husband and a great family and puppy who are with me every step of the way.

I am very excited to announce I was accepted to Memphis Teaching Fellows teaching middle school! I will start in June and the training is here in Memphis. If I am accepted to Teach For America I will take that position instead and then Trent will apply for a job at the institute in Atlanta so that we both can be together for those 6 weeks. I feel very good about being accepted but yet you never know.

We leave in 12 days to come home! I am SOOOO EXCITED! I really have not been this excited for a long time. I crave CAFE RIO and Zupas EVERY DAY! I need it in my life and stomach. We plan on seeing everyone that we can so it will be a crammed trip.
Thanks for keeping up on us, I'll be better about blogging!