Thursday, December 30, 2010


So I am employed through a temp agency and they have me at a bank here in Memph town. Well, I knew it might not be permanent and found out today, IT WASN'T PERMANENT. As a matter of fact tomorrow is my LAST day.

I got a call over Christmas time when we were in Utah from another temp agency telling me that they wanted to submit my resume for an Executive Admin job in East Memphis. Well I work in East Memphis so I told her that and how I work at Independent Bank. She replied with oh they job is at Ibank. either me or the other girl were going to lose our job. Naive me thought it was the other girl. I was wrong. I never had them submit my resume because I didn't want to lose my job and cause problems. I spoke to the HR Manager today and told her the situation and she said well Emily, you need to sit down. So I did. She then went on to tell me how the other girl was filling in until they found someone permanent for the Executive Admin, and when they do the other girl will take back her old job which is my job. So then where does that leave Emily? UNEMPLOYED. I should have expected it with working temporary but the fact they weren't going to tell me til tomorrow makes me a bit upset. Oh well, at least I can sub and hopefully the temp agency will place me elsewhere. In the time being we are accepting any donations. Big or small. Food or toilet paper.

Also, for Christmas I got a gift card to Taco Bell so tonight we decided to go get some food. We were eating and in a hurry so I started to scarf my beef hard shell taco. I started choking. A big piece had gotten stuck in my throat. I started to cry not knowing what to do. Keep me in mind we went in to eat. Trent is trying to pat my back so I start coughing and the old people behind us are starting to freak out. I decide to run to the bathroom and try to throw it up. Gross I know but I did. I didn't get it up but I did clear my airway a little bit more. My throat and mouth are now swollen and hurt. Needless to say tonight has not been my night. Wish me luck that my mouth doesn't swell in my sleep! :)


Sarah Barker said...

Aw what a yucky day! :-( I'm so sorry you are losing your job but hey you could always own your own business and sell fun jewelry like me! So fun and I'm the best boss I ever had! Haha. :-) I'm only half kidding of course, but seriously you'd be adorable doing what I do!
Anyway, I hope tomorrow is 100% better and that 2011 is YOUR year! :-)

Melissa said...

I am sorry, but I laughed when I read this post. I can just see the whole scene at Taco Bell playing out in my head. You are cute!! Hope you get some good news this week!