Wednesday, January 12, 2011

kids kids kids.....

Well recently I lost my job like I told everyone so now I am working as a Substitute teacher. My first day was high school history classes. I got there couldn't find where to park, was so stressed by all these high school boys that towered me, and nervous if they were even going to listen to me. I went inside waited five minutes...ten minutes....fifteen minutes.... then I finally see a secretary I tell her I am a sub and am just reporting to her and finding my class. She tells me I am in a portable and honestly I was relieved because then if I needed to yell I could and it wouldn't be a big deal, or if they were to loud no one would think I was being killed. I walk out to portable, students are walking by looking at me like why is the stupid girl standing in the cold and not going in the portable because it was locked. THEN I wait....five minutes....ten minutes....fifteen minutes... then someone arrives. I can barely understand him. He finally tells me that the heater is broken in the portable so for the 15 minutes you were standing outside in the freezing you could have been in the auditorium where you will be spending your day with 3 other teachers. AWESOME. NOT! I was in for hell. The kids didn't have books, paper, binders. NOTHING. So what did we do. We sat. I took roll at the beginning and end and asked the other teacher what to do and he said let them sit there and talk. Wow. MCS really? So I let them sit there. It was like watching Freedom Writers. VERY segregated and a lot of dirty looks to the teacher up front. One girl wouldn't shut her mouth. So I stood up and said do you want to take a seat or should we wait the entire time for you to finish your time? I thought she might hit me. I finally told her to shut her mouth and sit down or I will write her up. She shut up and turned around. I had a total of 10 kids "escape" from the auditorium that the other teachers were guarding. Don't ask how. I would tell them and yet they just sat there. This is why the school system needs help.

3rd grade was a whole new world. It was a lot of fun. They all drew me pictures, gave me hugs, and wanted to be my best friend. A nice change! They were pretty well behaved. Some devil children but overall not bad.

7th grade boys are demons. They are funny as hell. BUT DEMONS. I taught at Trent's school for one of the other TFA teachers. It was fun. The first class was all boys. Some knew I was Trent's wife and so I used that as leverage. I was strict because I know how KMS runs and didn't want them walking all over me. They told me I looked like Katy Parry and Kim Kardashian booty. WOW. Thanks boys. Great compliments. :) A bigger girl with a few mental challenges came in the room and the boys were immediately in teasing mode. I silenced it but then they shouted something I didn't hear and she turns in the class room and did the biggest HISS I had ever see. I was trying sooo hard no to laugh. But it was hilarious. The boys made me laugh all day. Telling me I had pretty eyes like the ocean blue. Like the rich Carribean oceans. I wonder if they know most islands are third world??? The second class was angels and then the third walked in. It was all girls and ONE boy. This boy S was a DEMON at first. Demanded to leave so finally I got another teacher and let him go. I was done. Later in the day he decided he loved me and was silent and very well behaved with the all boy class. The girls...HATED me. They thought I was a major bitch. Which maybe I was but really? Did you expect different? Pain in the butts. The boys just wanted help. They wanted attention. I felt bad they don't always get that so I am glad I was able to have fun with them. I love teaching and can't wait.

Then we taught KINDER world. oh hell. Little children are what make the world laugh. They wouldn't behave so I decided I would make up Officer George. I told them if they didn't behave he'd come get them. One little boy, A, came up to me and said Miss Lowe, is Officer George brown? hahahahha what do you say. So I said Well yes he is but his partner Officer Johny is white. So there are two officers. He was so happy there were two. I wonder where they come up with this. They cried very easily. Which SUCKED. One little boy was slightly autistic but you would have NEVER known. He was adorable I love him. Honestly I was sad to leave him. They also asked me if I was Henry's mom. He was the only hispanic child in the class. Why in the hell they related that who knows? Always makes for entertainment.

I am soooo excited to teach next year and excited to find out if I got into TFA. Only 6 days to go.

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Katie + Zach said...

Hahaha, Officer George. You are too funny! What a creative way to get them to behave.