Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Job, new week.

Here we go. On to a new week of a new job and new hours. I hope it goes well. I got a job at a company called Belden doing PR and Marketing which is my major. I hope I enjoy it and have a good experience from it. We need the money and so it will be good for us to be able to save and pay back. I am so excited for Trent this year, he has been the soccer coach for the middle school team. He is SO good with them and yet the boys love him as well. I love all the boys and they are so respectful. This past week we finished up tryouts and then held practice. I attended at least three practices. I am so sad to know that I won't be able to help as much as I'd like but we are doing the right thing. :) Good luck to KMS this year. Win REGION! PS if anyone is willing or knows anyone to make donations, we are accepting for the team. :) They get no funding so we are busy trying to get sponsors.

More news. A guy from Trent's mission Henriod and his wife were accepted to TFA and are moving to Memphis! AHHH I WILL HAVE A FRIEND! She already knows that she has to be my BFF and live right by us! I am not needy at all. I am so excited for them to move here and get to know them better. Also I went out this weekend with some girls from Trent's TFA group. One girl Karen who teaches at his school was the one who initially invited me and we had a blast. Got our nails done at a place called NailBar on the Island. It was quick, average price, and just a nice relaxing time. After that Karen and I went to the mall and I got some good old girl time. We shopped and talked, and I wished I could buy everything. Go figure. It was a lot of fun. So thanks for a good night out Karen. I needed it!

My dear Grandma is honestly one of the STRONGEST people I have ever met in my life. I had found out through the grapevine she was sick but no one would tell me how only said to call her. So I gave Grandma White a call. White is her last name, and yet in public we all forget and say, "Oh the White women are so strong." Many people probably think we are talking about race and yet, it's just the family name! So I call her yesterday afternoon to chat, and I ask how things are and she pauses and says well I guess I broke two ribs. WHAT THE HECK? My grandma is 86, how she broke two ribs and went 4 days before she saw a doctor and yet is still up and moving and VACUMNING I do not know. She shocks me every day. I just hope one day I will be as strong and faithful as she is. What a wonderful example she has been. I was fortunate enough to spend quality time with her and my Grandpa this summer on the Cape while I was there alone and husband was in Atlanta. It was amazing. I love my Grandparents and are so proud and thankful for all they do for me. Also glad I have the "white" genes, and as she tells me pioneer stock in my blood. Thanks GMA.

Will write more soon about subbing but for now it's Memph time.

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