Wednesday, January 19, 2011 tougher.

Well we found out about TFA. It wasn't good. Wasn't pretty. There were tears and emotions of frustrations and confusions. Things happen for a reason. I was sad because I really wanted it and we had prepped ourselves for acceptance not denial. Thank the lord for Memphis Teaching Fellows. I am very excited I am in a great program with great leaders that will help me to become a good school teacher. So for now, I will be teaching middle school. Who knows where. I will be staying in Memph Town for 5 weeks for training like they do in Atlanta for TFA and get to be inside of the schools in the summer. It will be an awesome opportunity and I am very greatful for it. We had a few family/friends get into TFA. CONGRATS! Sincerely I am happy for you. Mad I didn't, but happy you did! :) I will be looking into getting my masters this upcoming year. Wish me luck on that. School and I will be best friends.

On another update, I am still subbing. I love it. I love the kids and the reactions I get. We had Monday off together and got to relax then Tuesday I was back to the grind. I loved Jen Kozin's kids. They were hilarious. I asked them where they wanted to go to college, (majority of the kids were black in my classes and juniors or seniors,) one girls said Ole Miss.

B: "who said tha?"
Girl raised her hand and said me.
B: Girl they racist over thure. They tried to hung my cusssin when he goes thure.

I was in shock. I didn't know how to respond so I just told them that's not appropriate and to look forward.
The KAPLAN teacher didn't show up for the second period and they begged me to not go get her so I didn't, instead I threatened them to stay in their chairs or I would. They were angels! :)

I loved her classes and will be back next week. As for today and the rest of the week I will be at Trent's school. KMS. I love their school and the classes. Thankful for a good day and a good job. :)

Thanks for everyones support these past few months.

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